Baby Scare

March 6, 2010
About two or three years ago a young man named Ceaser, who was sixteen at the time, came to the United States on his own. He left his mother, grandmother, sister, niece and a brother behind in Mexico . Here in the United States he lives with his two bothers. Ever since he got here he has worked. He has worked in multiple locations such as car washes, yard work, and restaurants. He currently works in a restaurant right across the street from a baseball field so during baseball season he gets very busy. He doesn’t mind the work though because in the end he knows that he is helping his mom and family in Mexico . He is short, dark-skinned with brown eyes and black hair. He has a tattoo of the Virgin Mary on his left upper-arm and his name on his ankle. He is a very caring young man, who likes to help people when he can, but he is also very shy. He is now a twenty year old and he has not gone out to simply enjoy himself since he got here. One of his cousins, Jose, has been here for several years already and he has gone out a lot. He met a girl who was a senior in high school and they had gone out for a year when he started telling her, Anna, about Ceaser.

Anna’s best friend, Crystal , was going through some hard times with her boyfriend, Steven, who was a football player at another school. She had been with him for almost a year and a half, but she has so many problems with him that she was upset all the time. Anna saw all this and she and Jose decided to try and hook up Crystal and Ceaser. When Anna told Crystal about Jose’s cousin wanting to meet her Crystal was hesitant about saying yes.

“Come on girl. He’s a nice guy.”

“I’m not saying he’s not. I just don’t know. I mean I’m still with Steven, even though he’s acting like a jerk again, how am I supposed to talk to a guy a know wants more than friendship when I already have a boyfriend?”

“You can have and make new guy friends. You don’t have to date just because you talk to him. He knows you have a boyfriend. He just wants to be your friend.”

“I guess your right,” Crystal says with a sigh, “ok then. You can tell Jose to give him my number.”

“Alright then. Expect a call one of these days.”

The next day Crystal received a call.

“Hello?” she said as she answered the phone to an unknown number.

“Hi, is this Crystal ?” asked the voice with a Hispanic accent on the other line.

“Yeah who is this?”

“It’s Ceaser.”

“Oh, hi Ceaser.”

“How are you?”

“I’m good how about you?”

That’s how their friendship started. About two weeks after Crystal and Ceaser started talking; Crystal finally broke up with Steven for the final time. She was a little upset about it, but Ceaser helped her feel a lot better with his kindness and patience.

“You deserve someone who won’t treat you wrong,” Ceaser said one night when Crystal was crying about it, “someone who knows how to value a beautiful young lady like you.”

“Yeah but it’s so hard to find guys like that these days,” she replied.

“I would do all that for you and more,” he told her in such a quiet voice that she almost missed hearing it.

“I know you would.”

That is how it went from a beautiful friendship to a beautiful relationship. They talked as often as they could without her mom yelling at her to get off the phone. He came to visit her any chance he got, which was once or twice a week. Her parents really seemed to like him and everything was great. They were in love and nothing could be better. A little bit after they were together for three months, Crystal had a day off from school and was going to be home alone. She told Ceaser about it and they planned that he would come over that day. They planned it for a few days because they wanted that day to be special.

The day finally came and Crystal woke up extra early to clean up a little bit around the house. After a while he called her and told her he was almost there and that’s when she got really nervous. They had agreed that on that day, they would prove their love to each other in a beautiful way. It was going to be their first time.

After that day they loved each other all the more. Although they had talked about getting married and having kids before they wanted to talk about it again. They both talked about having a baby now and they both thought that they were ready for the responsibility but they were afraid of Crystal ’s parents’ reactions.

One day when Ceaser was over at Crystal ’s house her mom asked if she could talk to them. She told them that she knew about the day when Crystal didn’t have school. She was very upset and she made Crystal go to the doctor to get checked out. When the results came back that she was ok, Crystal ’s mom decided that she wouldn’t tell Crystal ’s dad because she knew that would be a lot of trouble for all of them. She made them promise that they wouldn’t have sex again until the day they got married.

After many months they had still kept their promise. One day Crystal found out her parents were going to go to a retreat for the weekend. She told Ceaser about this and they planned to spend the night together. They hadn’t planned on breaking the promise they had made to Crystal’s mom, but one kiss led to another and another and next thing they knew they had broken the promise. They had of course protected themselves with a condom, but when they were done they realized that the condom had broken.

When he realized what had happened he told Crystal and she started to cry. She was terrified at the possibility of her becoming pregnant at such a young age. Crystal started thinking about everything they hadn’t talked about, like where would they live. Crystal was still seventeen, which was underage, and she wouldn’t be able to move out, and her parents would refuse to let Ceaser move in. All that ran through her head in a matter of seconds.

The coming weeks were the scariest and longest of Crystal ’s life. That was her main worry because she knew that her parents would call the cops on Ceaser if she was pregnant. She was normally irregular with her period so the fact that she missed it the first month after that didn’t worry her too much more then she was already.

Two months later she finally got her period and she felt such a relief. One of her best friends, Samantha, was the only person who knew she was worried about that. When she told Sam about her getting her period Sam told her that in the first three months you can get your period and still be pregnant. Crystal continued to worry until the next month when she got it again. It was such a relief that she was not expecting a baby. She told Ceaser and they made a promise to not only themselves, but to God that from now on they would wait until they were married to have sex because they were too young to be worrying about how they are going to support a child.

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