March 6, 2010
By Nevada BRONZE, Watsonivlle, California
Nevada BRONZE, Watsonivlle, California
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So I'm grindin' with my eyes wide
Looking to find
A way
Through the day
A life
For the night- lil wayne

I remember when I was a little kid I use to say "I want to grow up" or "I wish I was 14". Only if I knew about all the adversity. Getting cheated on, getting dumped, loving someone who doesn't even love you enough to respect you, or getting kicked out my mom's house saying she never wants to see or hear from me again,she doesn't want to know anything about me, and that I am not her son anymore. I wish i could go back to being five where everythin was fantastic. Dressing up like super heroes, no starting fights with anyone, the most important girl in my life was my mom, now she won't even talk to me. Now I barely have any aspiration. How am I suppose to believe in my self when she can't.
This is what growing up is about. All I have to do is prove to my mom that I can do it. That I can actually become someone not just a bum on the streets. I can not let any of this hold me back from success. I just have to be more ambitious and stop letting all these tough situations bring me down.

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Zurlo said...
on Mar. 15 2010 at 10:49 am
really good writing. you express emotion well.


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