Stuck in the Middle

February 26, 2010
Stuck in the middle. Between faith and lost dreams. Hope is whispering in the deep frozen waters. Puddles of tears pool at my feet. Pain battles peace, in raging rush of brokenness. Stuck in the middle.

Stuck in the middle. My reckless fancies wrapped in uncertainness. Will the rose forever be wilted. Damaged flower trying to bloom. A wish to be know and to be known. But here I am still stuck in the middle.

Stuck in the middle. Melting gold, refined by fire. Yet fearing wounds that might go deep enough to break past the numb and frozen heartache. Past the surface, light is waning, at the core my heart is shaking slowly. And I'm still stuck in the middle.

Stuck in the middle, hope is crying out. Screaming love within a sea of doubt. Get past the fence and I'll be free. But ice is frosting out my guarded heart. Where has my sight gone, why can I not see? Deep water faith doesn’t last if you can't forgive… look past each throbbing memory, let yourself live… I will trade my dreams for his. I won't get caught in the middle.

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Sparky630 said...
May 10, 2010 at 6:01 pm
I LOVED this. Keep writing love!
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