My Wonderful Luck At Life

February 28, 2010
It was a Thursday night, around 5:30 in the evening. My best friend and I were playing a game of Lord of The Rings Monopoly in my basement, laughing and giggling at our failures to pronounce the names of the real estate. I tossed the dice when suddenly everything went black. Our smiles quickly faded when we realized there was not an ounce of light in the room. The only thing that ran through my mind was "How are we going to get upstairs?" I heard my best friend call my name, her voice filled with anxiety. I couldn't see her, even though she wasn't even a foot away from me. I got to my knees and felt something jab my hip. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my cell phone, opening it to see light emit from the screen. "The backlight!" I yelled, happy for light, no matter how dim. We stumbled to our feet trying not to bump into anything. She grabbed my elbow and followed me through the maze of furniture in my basement. We frantically ran up the stairs to find my mom, who already had a flashlight in her hand.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
We sat around the kitchen table, candles lighting up our smiling faces. My parents, my best friend, and I sat around the kitchen table playing an intense game of Sorry. We could hear tree branches cracking outside as the snow became too heavy for them to hold. We knew the power wouldn't come on for another day or so. Powerlines were down all over our development and it looked like an artic warzone outside, but we sat at our table and laughed. It was then, at that very moment, that I realized how lucky I was. We weren't cold or hungry. We weren't bored. We weren't angry or sad or depressed. We were perfectly happy, sitting around that table in the middle of a snowstorm with no light but candles. I know now that I have everything I needed to be happy. I have a kind, loving, and fun family. I have the most amazing, funniest, loudest and kindest best friend a girl could ever have. I have friends who love me even though I'm a sarcastic, obnoxious, and quirky freak. It was then that I saw my wonderful luck at life.

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