Breaks and Tears

February 26, 2010
By Anonymous

It was late July 4th, 2003.
I was at my lake house visiting my neighbors
Reading a book to a friend, Carly.
Soon it was time for bed,
Something I knew she would dread.

Her mom insisted I have a hug.
The first one was small and weak,
Of course her mom didn’t approve.
So Carly gave me a better one.
It was long and she pushed a little,
Next thing I knew
I was on the floor with her on top.

I started to cry,
Pointing to my shoulder.

Her mom walked me home.
I was still in tears.
We had to go to the hospital.
I was full of fear.

Later I had to wear a sling
For my poor broken collarbone.
The 6-8 weeks were rough.

I’m just glad it’s better.
Sometimes it hurts a lot.
But now I realize,
She was just a tot.

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