February 20, 2010
By Anonymous

Motto: “Shake me of sorrow never shadows
poem by: KG3UNFORGN

Motto: “Shake me of sorrow never ask me of fear, kill the last remark, strengthen me for you to have an unreal shadow which will make everything clear.”

Shadows- Rough Draft


Hold something in side the fated world. Let it become you. Only one will rise without expressing the hope of new life. There is always something to think about- love, friends, new life and success. Don’t let your shadows of fate hold the chill for more new in life.

Dark waves form through my eyes, I cannot bear to see anymore it’s so painful. The light on its knees is ready to break a sweat for unconcealed awaking. Something can never be against the will we always laid for one another. How does this doubtful man know this? Because of my sorrow, the seasons have come to me with such unbeatable fear. Why do you have so much joy? Why do you have an option to everything? I can see your not me, but aren’t humans alike? Humans and others on this easy forsaken world? How can you not be sad? Tell me I want to know what you made me become.

Unblessed, you do not see it yet? You are hurt inside come let me heal you let me rise to the occasion with you, for I love you. I love your insanity of need for help and will of destruction. Yes, you can over come those needs. Believe in your self and always do for more. Find your pleasure not just in Physicals ways like we all know it. Find the true meaning of your self, of purity, of love, of hate, of fear, of frustration. Find the true meaning of your ways and you shall never be open to the wrath of the “Shadows” of the skilled darkness. For I will always… always, love you and fight for you. Who am I? I am your “Wife”, “Husband”, “Teacher”,” Brother”,” Friend alas I am the one for you and you only. I am the true meaning of a friend, and the values of treasure.


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