We're Not That Different

February 23, 2010
By Anonymous

Think about the term ‘Popular Girls’. What comes to your mind? A mean, air headed beauty? I’m not surprised. That’s how movies and books portray us. Everybody talks about the poor, bullied girl. Nobody writes about our lives, our feelings.
Just because we look pretty, people think we’re dumb. Just because we have guy friends, people call us sluts. When we laugh loudly, sing in the middle of the corridor, or dance our heart out, people say we’re attention- seekers. Not true.
A lot of my friends have very high GPA’s. I have one of the highest in my grade. I have friends who want to be a professional photographer, a ballerina, a lawyer or a vet, and I know that they work very hard to achieve it. Tell me, how many of you spend hours everyday doing what you love and trying to turn it into your profession?
Yes, we date, but our lives don’t revolve around boys. But I know so many girls who spend hours dissecting what every word their crush said to them actually means. Believe it or not, our parties don’t consist of smoking and sex. We have guy best friends, and people jump to conclusions about us cheating on our boyfriends with them.
And guess what? We couldn’t care less about what other people say about us. So if you think I’m wearing the latest designer outfits or acting in the school play for attention, you are sadly mistaken.
We’re normal, just like you. We don’t pick on people for fun, but when somebody spreads rumors about our friends, all of us try to get revenge. That’s how close we are to each other. We sleep, eat, breathe, get broken hearts, good grades, bad grades, get into fights, fall in love- just like any other person. We aren’t different because we confirm to a different social ideal- we’re just us, and would love it if people stopped acting so intimidated and spreading false stories about us.

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