February 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Music is my life. If the world didn't have music I wouldn't be here to day. Whoever evented music thier amazing. The world would be lifeless if we didn't have music to lighten it up. People don't understand people who are in love with music. Im a band geek and maybe thats why I love it problly. The way the beat catch you off gaurd. If your in band the beat of the bass drum catces me off guard it make my heart bear a little faster.

What im trying to say is that music is an important part of are lifes today. The world culture would be diffrent if we didn't have music how would they have told stories at the beging of time? Life would be so different today we wouldn't have the music in the car, on your ipod or mp3 player in anywhere in the world. I gusse that im trying to say is that you shouldn't take music for granted seat down once in awhile and close your eyes and listen. The reason of im writeing this is because I want to share my passion of my music with you..

The author's comments:
i love music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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calay said...
on Feb. 27 2010 at 3:57 pm
calay, Fredericktown, Missouri
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So happy they finally decided to post this :)


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