Walking on Water

February 20, 2010
Today, I walked on water. It was enthralling and frightening all at once. I understand how Peter felt, as he stepped out of the safety of the boat and onto the crashing waves, at first you doubt nothing, but then you look around at the circumstances and fear grips you. For Peter this fear caused him to stop believing and begin sinking, for me it led to nervous laughter and stepping further out onto the water. Thankfully our Savior was there for both of us?. I also had it easier, I stepped off of dry ground, onto a placid pond. It was beautiful; the whole world around me was white, and the water beneath me solid. At first, the steps were slow but they became faster, until I bolded glided across the pond. My sister and I enjoyed the perfect frozen world for over an hour, building a snow family on the pond and attempting to see the many snapping turtles and fish that inhabit the watery world in the warmer months.
As we prepared to leave, I was curious just how thick the ice was, and decided to experiment. So, I ran to the far side of the pond as fast as I could, leaping to solid ground just before the edge, (the edge was a bit iffy for walking on). Nothing happened, so my sister followed me, only she walked, a bit angered that I had dared to run on questionable ice. We had to return to the far side of the pond, and so we both stepped back onto the ice. As we did so, we heard a tiny creak, like the opening of a cupboard. We stopped, looked at each other and then continued, the crack attempted to follow us, so we walked more gently and swiftly to the center, until the noise ceased. When our nerves subsided we broke into laughter, thinking of the situation narrowly avoided. But, we still weren’t on solid ground. I still wanted to run to the far shore, and my sister couldn’t persuade me otherwise, even with her warnings of freezing water beneath the ice. So, I took off toward the far edge, and suddenly she shrieked, “DAWN, it’s cracking beneath MY feat!” I couldn’t turn around, the edge was so close, if I didn’t leap I’d fall through the thin ice that lined the pond. As soon as my feet hit solid ground I spun around, to see her face in sheer horror. She was frozen, not daring to move. My heart was anticipated the ice breaking any second and my mind was already whirring with what I’d do. Suddenly the noise stopped, and we stood there staring, after a minute she began to make her way across the ice, and when she safely reached the side, we both let out our breath. Once again laughter followed the ordeal, and a “Thank God”, for another adventure that we safely made it through. Walking on water was a great deal of fun, but I think I’ll leave the running on water to the times I’m hanging out with my Savior, that way I’ll have a guarantee not to sink.

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**talia** This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 26, 2010 at 10:02 am
That was really cool! Check some if my stuff if you don't mind. That was seriously AWESOME!
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