Midnight Lover

January 26, 2010
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I stay awake at night, thinking of how not to think of you in the morning. You conceal my every thought. If only it would ever so happen it would drop. An off thought of you here, a wonder if your gonna be there. I belive that we can be together no matter the weather. A few storms a couple blizzards but in the end were sunshine wizards. Some winds pass us by flowing in the gualala winter sky. I catch myself looking at the clock as it reads 10:30pm thinking i should be with you. As i hop out my window and start running to you my veins fill with anger and dispises as i relize that our eyes cant ever comrimise. As i steady my breath i get to my front lawn and just colapes and cant help but to stay there until dawn. As i finish this poem i have 1 last word to you when it comes to love try not to be a fool.

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