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February 18, 2010
By , Omaha, NE
Many people in my life have inspired me to do the right thing, but one person in particular has really influenced me, Vichnavi Kuta Ganesan. Vichnavi is too long and hard to pronounce so her friends, her family, and I just call her Kuta. I have known and been friends with Kuta since I was 3 years old. Presently, we work at the same math tutor building, Kumon. Kuta inspires me in so many ways and she doesn’t even recognize that she does! She inspires me to be more down to earth person, to not make a big deal of little things, and she also inspires me to excel in school.

I first met Kuta when I was 3 years old in Preschool. Kuta don’t exactly remember how or why we became friends we just did. We both went to the same lower school until the 4th grade. I was upset when I heard she would be leaving because I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with her. However, 4th grade was also the year I started Kumon, which Kuta had been taking for a few years. I was very excited when I realized I would be able to keep in touch with her. To this day I see Kuta every Thursday, but instead of being taught we are the ones who teach.

Working at Kumon has been something that we have wanted to do since we were in the 4th grade. We were both very excited when we were hired. When I asked her why she liked work so much she replied, “I like it because I get paid for it and I get to use the red pen”. I agree with her on this statement. The “red pen” is the pen that we use to correct papers. When asked why she said laughing, “I don’t know it makes me feel powerful”. Through work, Kuta has inspired me to not make a big deal of little things. Sometimes if the person checking a math paper makes a mistake the parents get angry and go ballistic. I tend to worry about that and she helps me to just relax and not worry.

Another trait that is predominate in Kuta is how she is very down to earth. The way she acts, dresses, talks, and everything else reflects on how down to earth she is. I am sometimes very superficial about the way I act and dress but she inspires me to be more down to earth. She also never brags or gloats about something she has accomplished. I sometimes gloat about things that I have done.

She also inspires me to excel in school. Kuta does very well in school, especially in math. She does so well in math that she has to go to a high school for her math class! She was also in a geography bowl and she almost made it to nationals! Kuta is a lot like me and she is also the same age as I am, so I think to myself if she can do it so can I. Kuta is very bright and she inspires me to do better academically.

Kuta has been a big influence on my life starting at an early age. She inspires me to not worry about little insignificant things, to excel in school and to be more down to earth. Kuta doesn’t recognize she does all of these things but she does. My friendship with Kuta has been very rewarding!

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