My High School Career

February 18, 2010
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Day one. New school. New school year. Sophmore status. I am lost with all the new teachers, new classes, new everything. The last thing I thought would happen was moving from a little town with a school of about 300 students, to this school with nearly 1,600. The school feels like a prison. Everyone waits for the people the’ve never seen before come in and suffer for four years in high school. Seniors walk around like they own the school, while freshman carry books up to their ears and run in the halls to get to their next class. I look like one of those freshman.

My locker, A251, is in the far corner of the school by the special education kids. The locker next to mine kept the books of a senior named Kasey. The first person who shook hands with my and said hello. With her blonde, curly hair, big blue eyes framed with glass and her big smile, she made my first ten minutes of the day seem like it had a purpose. Walking through the hall to my first class, the clicks in the hallways are obvious. The popular girls, the jocks, the nerds, the weirdos, and the goths. The couples in the hallway getting glares at people who are jelous of them while the single girls get looked at up and down from the jocks. Preps stare at themselves in their locker mirrors and whine about the single pimple on their forehead. Goths stand in corners are amazed by the highlighters they colored their nails with.

First hour begins. French was always a class I was begging to take but didn’t have the class offered to me at my old school. I sit on a desk chair in the middle of the room. Within the first five minutes the teacher assigns us seats, the one thing I actually looked forward too. Students dreaded the seating chart, which if I knew everyone I would too. The class only does name excercises to get to know one another. Fifty minutes pass till the bell rings to get up and run to our next class period.
The day drags on. Every class had the same routine. The cool kids sit in the back, dorks sit in the front row and I sit in the middle. I am one of the first people in each classroom. The same syllabus is handed out in every class, as they say the same thing. No cheating. No talking. Hand in your homework on time. No sleeping. The things we should already know from first grade. The only thing they didn’t say was be nice to the new kids. In every class It feels like I’m sitting in a room full of animals that wait for the right moment to pounce, in other words, await for the bell to ring to get out of here. Through the day the pile of books in my arms get heavier and heavier.
I am through two thirds of my day, sitting in room 162 with about twenty faces I’ve never seen before surrounding me. I decide to change things up and sit in the back of the room next to a perky, blue-eyed blonde girl. I sit in my bright blue polo and start having a casual conversation with her. She could tell I was new as I sit crumpled up in a ball on my chair. She is my first sophmore friend in my new school.
I decide to try out for the hartford dance team. I danced at my old school for my freshman year with my sister Tori. Although Howards Grove was division four, we had far more better dance team then this division one school. Howards Dance Team went to competitions, were great dancers, and has a cooperative team. The one thing I missed the most is being on the dance team with people that actually worked well together and got something done. My new coach doesn’t d anything and we perform only three games throughout the year. We get laughed at but I stick with dancing because I’m passionate about it.
I have to take the smelly bus to school everyday, even though I have a nice grand-prix that sits in my garage all day. I don’t really drive it anywhere but I think that’ll change soon. Due to my liscence, it’s time for me to get a job. I decide to work at Piggly Wiggly. I meet so many people there from different school that things start looking brighter when it comes to my friends that I will spend time with over the summer.
The school year is finally over and I have enough friends to have a good summer. I barely talk to anyone from my old school and I wish I would to keep in touch. As much as I am getting use to my old school, I would do anything to go back to Howards Grove. I am probably going to spend most of my summer with my family but I think I’m going up to Howards over my weekends when I don’t work. I don’t want people from Howards Grove to SARAH COOPER come to my present house and find out I am not the “popular” girl anymore. Between Brewer’s games, shopping, working, parties, and hanging out with the most random people, my summer is looking pretty good and am ready for school to start.
Finally, junior year. One year down at this school and two more to go. I hope to be known around school more, but of course I get the comments like, “who is that girl again?”. Someday they’ll know, maybe. I get to go to the football games and sit and cheer with my best friends Rachael and Kaitlyn. I can’t think of my life without them taking me under their wings and showing me the ropes to Hartford High. I think that this year will be by far the best. Juniors have one thing to look forward too, prom.

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