February 18, 2010
By Anonymous

The girl looked out from her bedroom window to the vast sky above.It was a calming blue.Sighing,she puts down her pen and turned the music off.Her mother was calling.Hastily dabbing some water to her eyes,she forced a smile and headed downstairs.Her diary was already closed and locked as she placed it on the shelf.Inside is a new entry she had written minutes ago.

18-2-08 -Today,well,something came up.I didn't expect it though.This time there was shouting and banging of the table.It seems that my little sister did something wrong again.Mum is really worked up.Eventhough I wasn't involved in it,I cried.I know,I know,pathetic right?You need to understand though that I cried because I was afraid.Afraid that all the things that has happened up till now,will make our bonds weaker.Sure,you've never heard me getting worried about any threads before.But,those were threads with my friends.Its usual for those to get weak over the years --but this is the threads within my family.I'm worried that one day,they'll just snap and break.If that happens --what of our family?Where will we belong?Even I don't have the answer for that.I guess I'll just keep on praying to God that it won't happen..

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