A letter for the Missing Piece

February 16, 2010
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Dear Solider, Thomas

Hello Brother. Is the weather weird for a Chicago man? Afghanistan that is way to far away from family. Mama is thinking of putting Katie down the diabetes and Cancer are really getting to her we have to carry her outside. She will be hard to let her go, Even so mama says she is going to get a new puppy a pure breed Alaskan husky to train him and walk earn respect and what not. My grades are not so good after all never was one to organize and listen. My teacher for introduction to technology has a friend out there too if you know him his names Kevin works near him send him Mr.forset’s best wishes and my own. I have always looked up to you though I didn’t know why through the smoking habit and the tarnishing amber liquid that seem to consume you before your life was in order…The silly job at sears and the Angry scribbles you creatively constructed. I know my teachers have good heart...and you too so ill try to follow them for you brother...because you’re so strong and built my rock that I need. Hmm I remember when you use to call me angel. Daddy says you can’t rely on other people to support me because only you will be left in the end but how am I suppose to do that? When what I love and cherish is my family? My sisters devils that they are and younger brother how ever much he hogs the Xbox, you will the American flag plastered in your background or mama with her books stacked high as we could see my daddy ..Your foster father with his model cars that are so intricate I can’t even understand a slip of the instructions. How can I say I am my own rock if losing one of you could tear me to shreds? I would be here...but alone fringed and frightened. So thought mama and daddy think that we have to sustain ourselves I think they would also agree our family is a mold that if broken leaves only pieces of what was there..A masterpiece destroyed and forgotten. So Big brother the war is tough and the nights are long but please…don’t let it take you away because this particle of art needs a solider.


Your Angel sister, Lisa

But it was recieved too late 3 days later..when this later arrived there was no one to intercept it....

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A. said...
Apr. 8, 2010 at 7:05 pm
Wow is this a true story? Did you really write it to your brother? If so, I am truly sorry. Since this is a letter written from your emotions, there is nothing really to critique story-wise. However I do have to say that you need to watch out for the run-on sentences. There are quite a few and it really distracts the reader. I suggest reading it out loud and you'll see exactly what I mean.
SageSin replied...
Apr. 9, 2010 at 9:35 am
Yes sadly enough this is a true story and this really Did happen to me however I am feeling better  and better every day!
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