The German Wirehair

February 2, 2010
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The German wirehair is a muscular dog. Their head is broad and has a moderate stop. The German wirehair is very intelligent and brave. They are also active. The breed is very loyal to their family. The breed can also become bored if they don’t get enough exercise. They are used for hunting purposes. The breed will get along with other household animals. The dog could be 24 to 26 inches and the males could be 22-24 inches. The breed can be energetic and tireless. They can live for 12 to 14 years. The coat should be brushed twice a week. The coat will also need so stripping. The breed is an average shedder. The group is in AKC and also is a gun dog. My uncle Brent has 2 German wirehair pointers. The dogs names are Leah and anjeah.

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