February 8, 2010
By Anonymous

It’s been one year; one year today. Three hundred and sixty-five days since the first day you told me you loved me, and I was naive enough to believe it. It’s pathetic that I even remember this. Remember the moment perfectly. It’s one that is frozen in my mind. You lifted my chin so my face met yours, gently touched your lips to mine, and then whispered oh, so softly “i love you bell”. Still to this day sounds cliché, but I’ve finally accepted that things were too good to be true. I still haven’t told anybody why you called me that... I guess it really doesn’t matter that you swore I was meant to be an Isabella, Martha was too plain for me. I remember everything though; the way you held me when I fell asleep on you, the way you played with my fingers because you couldn’t keep still, the way you made me smile with that look in your blue eyes. The times we talked on the phone till midnight, about absolutely nothing, just glad to hear your voice. Every song we sang along to in that beat up chevy, every time you told me how much you cared, and the night it all fell apart.

You were my best friend, the love of my life; what would I do without you around? I had given you the best of me, and I had nothing left. Time passed, and people told me my wounds would heal. But people were wrong. Here I stand, with nothing more to lose, and everything to gain. I miss you, but I no longer want you here. You broke me. You took not just pieces my heart, but my soul. I’m not that same girl; I’m stronger. And if I was anywhere near decent, I may thank you, but I no longer believe you deserve that. My life is doing fine, and I know I’ll find somebody, someday, who will treat me the way a woman is suppose to be treated. You fooled me, and I came running right back. But today is the day I stand up for myself. Today is the day I move on with my life. Today is the day I’m telling you goodbye, although you haven’t cared to hear me for some time. I’m going to have my pride, and walk away with dignity. I know I deserve better than you. I should have realized this three hundred and sixty-six days ago. But I honestly can not say I regret a moment of our time together, simply because I’m no longer letting people like you walk all over me. Sorry, but I’m growing a back bone. One that I won't allow anybody to break.

The author's comments:
Random, but meaningful; at least it meant something to me. If you can follow it, please comment.

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