A Place, Where I Can Be Placed

February 8, 2010
By Kennedee BRONZE, Columbia, Illinois
Kennedee BRONZE, Columbia, Illinois
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The cool air speaks to me as if I can actually understand it. For many years, my family and I have been returning to this place. To me it’s a place where I can return to my child years, a place where it’s ok to let your imagination run wild. When I enter the wide fields of my imagination, my head spins round, as if I were an owl searching for protection. Here no one needs protection not even me, because this place it’s okay to be me.

The engine of my mother’s white Ford Journey roars and starts to drive. For us turning onto D Road was a weekly activity. When the winding road finally came to a straight, narrow path, with one house on the right I know I am at my aunt and uncle’s house.
When my family’s car hits the uneven driveway I know that I am now at my favorite place as I rush into the shed, ignoring every one else around me I see my uncle, as normal, he’s seated on his wooden stool. The extravagant bright and glowing colors of the pinball machine catch my attention first. One ball, two balls only one more left the silver ball paddles back and forth, up and down the machine. Whomp! Down the tube, my last ball goes, but I reassure myself that the two games beside it are still open I move one to the pie game the red, shimmery balls spike through the tube hitting as many springs as it can. “YES!” I scream “all of the numbers to the chocolate pie.” Now to the last game in the shed, the virtual bowler, my favorite. After playing ten frames, I realize that my uncle’s score is still undefeated but that does not stop me from being amazed at the score I just received.

When I exit the shed, I leap on to the four-wheeled vehicle that will take me to the place where my imagination is set free. Arriving to the iron gate, I feel a rush of intense energy flow through my body. When the cool air comes, I know it’s time to go. The endless land amazes my mind I circle around the broad corn as if the trees were cheering me on to go faster and the wind was the other competitors. After my final lap, I slowly come to a halt and let the cool airflow through my hair. Starting the motor again, I drive down the hill to a place were I like to think about everything on my mind.

When I reach my destination, I turn the four-wheeler off, take my shoes off, and start to think. When the glaring sun hits my face, I close my eyes and start to think about everything normally it is about my life in general, the bright, red roller coaster I ride every day. The images and picture race through my mind as if im floating on a cloud and watching my long life story; of happiness sadness and excitement. Those three feelings are one mainly sweeps in to my head. In real life though I am laying on the white, rubber seat awaiting for someone to yell and see where im at it’s normally about fifteen minutes to my self before I hear my mom on the second four wheeler.

“What are you thinking about this time?” my mom whispers to me, “Is it me or you dad this time?”

“I’m not sure mom, I never am.” I respond, “I just let the images run wild this is the most peaceful place I know.”

I lift my body up from the seat; I always notice the smile on her face, “Come on its time to go home.” I frown but still listen to her nice voice that runs through my ears. I know that my adventure will end when I agree to her statement because I know the sooner I leave the sooner I will be able to come back.

As my Car slowly exits the uneven driveway, the air says goodbye to me and I promise I will return soon. When we turn down the road, the images in my head are still soaring round and round I hear murmurs in the background but continue to ignore them. “KENNEDEE!” my mom bellows. I pretend I do not hear her but then answer, “Yesss.”

“What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about my favorite place, my aunt and uncle’s, where the driveway is uneven, and the wind speaks to me, and I feel safe.”

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