first snowball fight

February 3, 2010
Kinship is one of the best things in the world because you learn experience and endurance from it. Because your family could be your friends or best friends and once you get along you can have a stronger relasanship and if you don’t then you don’t have a great relasanship.

I believe in kinship with out my family life would be weird, Empty. If I can’t believe then why bother to believe. Now on that I believe and always will believe!

My first snow ball fight was the coolest experience that probably I hade because if I could back to that I would have the best time in my life I think. It was so cold it felt like if I was in a freezer. And getting hit with a snow is like getting shot. And it really hurts. There was so much noise it felt like new years cause everybody was screaming. So on believe in this snowball fight like I believe in kinship.

Its like if you were there you would be fascinated about the experience. It took place in my aunt’s house in Hyde Park in the back yard its so big they could use for a mine field. Like around 8:30 at night. I was scarred and happy and exited. And it was crazy and when I grouped up all the snow it’s was like grouping Playdoh together. Then all my family was there and just the boys and the rest were in the house or on their way to my aunt’s house.

It’s been seen 9 boys running around screaming and jumping throwing snow at each other. I was like I was in k1 and they were like in high school from all the experience. So everybody was teaching me and that was great. Its like a newborn child learning how to count.

So now on that I believe and my first snowball fight. So that’s what I believe and believe what’s worth fighting for. So on this I really believe. So it’s a matter of love and

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