I'm not afriad anymore

February 3, 2010

I’m not afraid anymore
Everybody stared at me and made me feel so nervous. OMG! Why was I the one chosen to make the presentation in front of the whole school? Why does it have to be me? Many of my teachers gave me support and told me not to be afraid. But I couldn’t help feeling that way.
“Sure it had to be me,” I sighed and Mrs. Karen, my English teacher gave me a big sheet into my hand. I hate being in front of a big crowd of people and the silence, especially people starring at me. I only rehearsed once before I went on the stage so it made me really nervous and afraid something might go wrong, I worried.
Friday morning was the day that I had to make the speech in front of my whole school. I felt like running away as far as possible. My friends waved from the crowd to show me support. My good friend Sam shouted, “Go for it Lynn, you can do it!” I really felt good and confident after that. The crowd clapped their hands and then I immediately started my speech on “My Culture”. I started telling my friends and teachers about the beautiful temples in Thailand and many handicrafts made from our Thai people. In the many beautiful temples, people walk around the temple and burned incense and entreat for good things to come their way. Our people believe that if we do good things in this lifetime, we will have a good and wealthy life in our next life. People believe that the temple hold the soul of the Thai people. I continued to tell them about many beautiful places in my country and that if they have a chance to visit, they will really enjoy it.
After my speech and at the end of the assembly, all my friends arrived to congratulate me and shouted, “You really did well Lynn.” “You now make me feel like visiting your country.” I chuckled and said, “You guys are kidding me right? Will you really visit my country?” My best friend Sam said, “Lynn, you better not be surprised if we show up on your doorstep.” Everybody laughed and said, “You better have some extra rooms for all of us.” I replied with such happiness, “Anytime for my buddies!”
I can’t believe everything went better than I expected. I feel so proud of myself. I know now that I can do anything if I concentrate to do something and not be afraid to do it. My heart was filled with so much happiness when I heard all the good things my friend said about my speech. I really hope they will come someday to visit me.

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