Lost in Australia

February 3, 2010
By Anonymous

January 19, 2010
English 10
Mr. Tim

Lost in Australia

“Why I am here this busy place?” I said in amazement. After I took a step in, there are tons of people like ants walking by. However, they aren’t ants but they’re people who were checking in for their flight. “But why this is so noisy?” I murmured. “Maybe, some of them are too excited for their trip,” I considered. Not quite long, “oh, it’s time for me to say goodbye,” I stuttered. Fearfulness came into my little heart. “New, see you when you are back and take care, son,” My mum gently whispered. Lacking unconfident and following my friends, I boarded the airplane to Sydney, Australia.

In another two hours I would be in Brisbane, I arrived at the Airport and immediately got in a bus to go to my host family home. “Why doesn’t it be our host family house? I don’t want to waste my bedtime with waiting for this.” I craned to talk to my roommate named Golf. “Just wait! New, we cannot do anything,” he grumbled. “P’ Golf, here we go, it’s our turn to go now,” I exulted. Seeing many new strangers I had never seen before. “Hi everyone, I’m Thai,” I softly greeted them included introduced myself even though my English was not good. “Ni Jiao Shen Me Ming Zi. Are you from Taiwan?” A Taiwanese guy, Cody, asked me. “Yee…a…h… No, I’m from Thailand but I can speak Chinese just a bit,” I answered. “Huh! I thought you are from Taiwan. Sorry for speakin’ Chinese to ya, New,” he said in apology. After introducing myself, I went to bed. I had a sleepless night. That was a reason but another reason was that Belly who is the owner of the home came the to my room to tell that next day is my first school day and what I should prepare for. “New, you’ll need to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to be ready for the bus and I’ll tell the two Indonesian who have been here before you to take you to your school and remember that there is just the bus 301 you can take to school and back home.” However, the difference of time between Thailand and Australia was not a problem for me.

“Hoo! My first day is finished,” I screamed. “Hey, how were you doing at school today?” Belly inquired. “It’s cool and I was doing well today, Mrs. Bell. I took a test on computer…” I told Belly about the day. One day the school took me to Water World and the day finished at the same time as the other days but most of my friends decided to go somewhere. “Can I go to your host family house?” I solicited the three girls, Karn, Kookkik, and Nan, to let me go with. Arrived at their host family house, “New, we are so sorry that we forgot to tell you that people in the house anti men. Can you wait or do something while waiting outside?” I listened to them and I said okay. While I was waiting I drew a picture of a pink fresh rose. “New, could you please you leave us now because we are girls, we have shyness, and we are going to swim soon.” I thought they said it politely because they wanted to irony at me. I thought they wanted to say (,) “New, go away and don’t let we see your face again.”

Before I left them, they described me where to take a bus. I followed their guide. “Can anyone help me? I have no more energy to walk any longer.” No one answered and I continued withstanding myself to walk. I reached the bus station.

“You. You. I meant you. May I ask you a question?” I asked an about-30-year-old woman “Yes sure,” she responded. “How can I go home?” I asked her. “Where is your house?” she asked. “Um. Ummm. A. My house is at …,” I explained her where I lived. “You can go to look at that big clear map,” she answered and ignored me. I walked there to see but I didn’t understand much. Tiredly, I ran to asked her. She suggested me to go underground. I boarded there. “I shouldn’t ask that heartless woman.” I thought.

Restless, I even crawled up the steps to ask another person. “Can you give me help? I don’t know how to go back home because I never been here before,” I talked to a guy. “Do you know your home address?” he asked. “What is address?” I asked him and he said address is the information of where you live like number, zone etc. “Sorry I don’t know,” I answered him. “How comes?” He said it with his confused face. “A. this is my first been here and I came here to study, so I don’t know much about it,” I felt sorry. “I don’t have much time my bus is coming soon man,” he said. “Never mind but can you tell me where I can take bus into the city?” I asked. “You must walk across there then, you can take every bus because it passes the city,” he told me how to take bus. “Bye bye and thank you very much,” I said. “Hey I didn’t know your name,” he said. “Er…ma…a… my name is New,” I told him. Finally, he got on the bus and I went my way.

During on the way home I looked through the thick bus window, the darkness filled the bright sky. Lonely, I started to feel worry. Twenty minutes passed, I arrived relievable the city. “Waiting, waiting, and waiting. That’s a 301 bus.” I got in the bus again to drop at the nearest home bus station. “I won’t go hang out around that place even once,” I pledged myself. “Yeah I almost home,” I felt relieved.

“Aloha everyone, I’m here, home,” I greeted people with my lips-touched-ears smile. “What made you so blissful, New,” Belly asked in the towel voice. I roughly narrated them my long story that happened in a few hours. “You know? Today I went to a house of my friends’ host family. I was struggled with my English pronunciation when I tried to come back here. I asked two people. One is the woman and another is the man but the man is the one who helped me to arrive here today.”

I went to study a course of EF for a mouth long in Brisbane, Australia and one day I went to my friends’ host family house then I didn’t know what to do so I asked two people for help. The woman was so silly but the man was really good because he tried to understand me. I was home on that day because of his helps. If I get to go (come here again) to Australia again, I’m sure that I will not be lost.

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