Marching Band

February 3, 2010
By Anonymous

Marching Band
“Join us. You’ll have an incredible experience!” These words were in the paper that teacher just gave me. It’s the letter from our school band, PN School. I had been thinking about marching band for a long time. Finally, I decided to join a band.
I had joined a school marching band since I was in grade four. I never thought before that I will join a school band but many of my friends are joined too and they also invited me to join. When I gawk the band a bubble always pop up in my head, it’s amazing and not everybody that could play because we need a time to study and practice. The year that I joined our school decided to go to Yamaha marching band Competition.
Throughout the fall every members of the band works hard. We all pushed ourselves to the limits. We took fewer breaks so that we had more time to practice. Having to play and march at 208 beats in a minute it is not easy for a fresh brain member like me. The instructors give us a new slogan, “no excuses.” No matter what happen we will march through rain, wind, and mud like strong trees that never been down.
We all chased our goal to go to the competition. Only the top 50 ranked bands were invited to race. Our deciding competition was marched on a field of mud. No one could see the yard lines and several shoes were lost to the two inches of mud. We didn't let the condition of the field get to us. We desire that we could be one out of ten. Every member tries their best as they can or even more. We all work together as a car engine that can make a car go along the way. We fight with our tired feeling to gets our goal that we want. We practice from 5.ooam to 0.00am everyday no one know that how hard we had try until our day is coming.
On February 7, 2004 the band walked onto the field to battle with other schools. It was a thrill just to be there surrounded. As soon as I heard the judge said “and now welcome to the field of competition, PN School Marching Band.” I knew it was time to focus. The rain had lightened up just as my band took the field. People are clapping, screaming, and shouting. The dark night sky was lit by the stadium lights. We all are stand in the place that we set. Everyone is ready to put on the best 10 minutes show. “One.Two...One…two…three…four,” the conductor count we all walk to the mark that we had practice for a long time. As I marched on to the field I realized how hard we had worked to get there. What made the stadium so beautiful couldn't be seen by the eye but had to be felt by the heart, the fact that the stadium held the hopes and dreams of every student from all grade give their all effort into making it there, and then gave more than they ever had to make this performance the best.

Everyone in the band had spent a year and a half working for this. 2 hours had passed since we shown. We all go to the field again to listen to our rank and to make an end. The judge had announced ranks I didn’t listen to any ones but I heard their shout “We did great!” It’s good that many members of the band started crying. We came in 4th place, more than we ever expected, even more important than the score and rank was the fact that we knew we had done our best, and we saw our hard work pay off. Our parents were waited for us in our place that Yamaha has set for us. They are very happy to see that we can successes what we dreamed for.
I will always remember my experience from marching band is the experience that helped shape my life. That year of band taught me so much. I learned hard work pays off. I learned to be self-disciplined and diligent. Most of all I learned that working together can make achieving goals fun. My friends and memories from band will always be with me, and no one can take that from me.

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