got 93% for IGCSE combine science pass paper!

February 3, 2010
By Ghing BRONZE, Minburi, Other
Ghing BRONZE, Minburi, Other
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Got 93% for IGCSE combine science paper.

“Ghing, come see me after class please.” Mr. John, my science teacher, said. He looked at me with his gentle face.
“ Okay, sure” I replied. I already know the reason why he wanted to see me
“Bellll” class finished . I ran through his door. He pointed at me with his eyes and indirectly told me to sit. So I received that order. I pinched myself to sit in front of him.
“Ghing, I think it’s really important for you to start to be more concentrate during class time because you have to pass the exam.he informed,” I know that you don’t like my class but I think you can do it just have to try okay?” he expressed it with a very calm voice and stared at me with a kind looked.
“Okay! I’m sorry about that and I will try my best on the coming exam ”I replied with my readily looked.
I was in IGCSE course last year at my old school. It is a British curriculum school. I have to choose a subject that I’m going to take the test for complete a course. At first I don’t want to choose combine science. However, my dad wants me to do so and trust him. Therefore, I chose combine science as one of my choices even through I detested it.
On the first term of the course, I don’t even care whatever teacher taught.(Sitting in the classroom without gathering any information in my head, looked at all my bright friend wrote down a difficult stuff while I was looked out of the window. Teacher was staring at me I smiled him and looked out again.) I’m not normally completed work. During class time I don’t paid much attention. I know it’s so bad to do these kinds of things but it’s really against my feeling and my thought at that moment. Because it was so hard and complicated because it combines 3 things all together – Physic, Chemistry and Biology. All these three is way too hard for me and I kept telling myself that I can’t do it while I don’t even tried to do it.
At the end of the 3rd term, we have to take the exam. Teacher informed us that he’s going to use a pass paper of many year combined together. Therefore, I told myself that just tried for one time and let see if I can do it or not so I started to reorganize my routine for a month. I started to practice a previous year IGCSE pass paper like everyday afterschool. Revised all things again and again. Looked at all activities. When the day of the exam finally come, I told myself it’s easy I can do it.
During the exam week, school organized a hall for us. It was very big one. I felt a little nervous while I walked through the hall door. I chose to sit at the front because I thought that it’s going to be more clear if teacher explained something. I sat quietly and think of thing I’ve doing for a month. After a while, teacher gave us a pass paper exam. I looked at it and feel more comfortable than ever. I started to do it slowly and made it more clearly as possible as I can.
Finally, the result of the exam released on the last day of mine at my old school. Science teacher, Mr.John, looked at me with a curious face
(an old wrinkle face come closer to me, he knitted one’s brow. His eyes was informed me that he was curious. His right eyebrow was raise up but his month was smilingly) and said’ what have you been working on? What you expect to get this time?’ after he asked me I felt totally nervous. My thought was saying that “fail again!?” but after awhile teacher said ‘I was a little shock but congratulation for Ghing. She got the highest score on the Biology pass paper” after I heard this I was totally shock. I felt so proud of myself that I can really did it. Moreover, teacher said he will keep this as a record for the coming exam but unfortunately I have to leave school. However, I still feel proud of myself that I can lastly did it and let the teacher know that just say a simple thing in a simple way can change a student to be success. I really miss my science teacher because he knows what he needs to do in order to make his student do a thing that they need to do.
As a result of my attempts, I realize to myself that whatever we want to achieve we have to fight for it and I realize that there is nothing we can get easily. Therefore, I feel proud of myself that I did tried a thing that I should have done and I got it.

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