A True Story: Part 2

January 9, 2010
By Anonymous

I ignored the questions, there voices like a dull roar. My head still throbed, I looked around, all these people surrounding me and i still felt all alone in the huge room. I looked up as my friend put her hand on my shoulder. "are you ok?" she asked over the top of her glasses, I looked and saw my other friends looking at me too. I must have looked pretty bad because when i looked around the room I saw everybody staring at me, some with fear, some worry, and some with that expression like "what the hell is going on?" I stood up alicias hand still on my shoulder as I rose. My heart started fast and irratically again, I hated all the people looking at me. I felt someone behind me, whipping around I saw one of the directors standing 10 feet away, his hand extended tword me as if he were trying to comfort a wounded animal. The room started to darken and soon enough I was looking at the room through a tunnel. I started to sway on my feet feeling rather than hearing the screams around me. Someones was upon me in seconds catching me before I hit the ground, for a few seconds I could still hear, but soon enough everything was peaceful.


To Be Continued in Part 3

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