Dear...Love...Part 4

January 25, 2010
By Anonymous


Today was a great day with you. In music, my friend and I went to sit by you. At first, you didn't talk to me, but then it changed. We finished our exams and your friend talked to those annoying girls. That annoying girl tried to tell me that Glee was an amazing show and nothing at all like High School Musical. She just annoys the shit out of me. In second period I planned a speech I'd say to her because of how much I hate her. And then your ex got a little mad because it sounded like I was saying The Bachelor was a bad show. Why did you ever hang out with those annoying people? I just wish that you could see that. But as they ignored us, you saw my ipod, which has a camera. So you took a video, and don't worry, I'm not going to delete it. Same with that voice memo you did. Have you ever realized how much you make me laugh? I could be having he worst day, ad you come and brighten it up, I just love that about you. In third period, you actually talked to me. I've learned to eavesdrop (but obviously) in order of you to notice me. Ever thing you say is always so creative and smart. You're not like anyone else. And I wish you could ay the same about me. Well, you kinda do. Today in music you said I was the only Jew you knew. And ever since you found I was Jewish, it's just joke after joke, although I say I don't really care because I'm not very religious. I can tell you have a lot of fun with that. But I think its cute how you laugh at all your own jokes because then I laugh. And I'm still laughing now. Well…see you soon.

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