Hakuna Matata

January 21, 2010
Have you ever had moments when you wish you could take it all back? The moments where you
look back on everything and just say "why did I do that"? Well I have come to realize that those moments shall never leave and that we can never take them back. Instead I think that we should use those moments and learn from them. What saddens me is that I never thought to do that instead I wasted years trying to figure out how to rid myself of these past mistakes. I wasted so much time just wishing I could have done stuff differently but now I know that I have been thinking all wrong. I should be thinking that what I did in the past has just set me up for the future. So instead of me remorsing over my past I should take it all and just embrace it for what it was. I have finally seen the light and come to realize that it's not as bad as it seems I still have now to change my life around. We are all growing up but I just want to state that we should remember what two wise animals once stated to us as young ones which was hakuna matata. Let's just live life so that we can have a bright future. Let's live it up and enjoy these wonderful times and just cherish memories with friends. In the end we shall see that when we are older we will finally be able to look back on it and say man what a fun life we lived.

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