January 25, 2010
The economy everywhere can alter people’s lives like the click of a button. A poor man can find a lottery ticket on the ground and win three million dollars. A rich entrepreneur can own a business that suddenly crashes and falls, making him go out of a job. Even so, when a door closes, another one opens, giving new opportunities. In some situations, an opportunity still means nothing in the end.

My father had an amazing job at ******* selling timeshare packages. We would always go to beautiful places, and stay at wonderful resorts. But, like all things, the economy crashed, bringing people and businesses down with it.

Shortly after ****** closed, my father got a new job in another business. It wasn’t long before that business went bankrupt, too. For months, he’s been trying to find a job in timeshare, with little to no success.

Why doesn’t he get a new job in a new field, you ask? It’s the only thing that he is skilled well in. My mother says he could “sell sand to the Arabians”. But because of the blasted economy, nobody has the money to travel. Thus, the businesses go bankrupt, or have no money to hire.

Of course, my father stored tons of money in the bank. Sometimes, it's not enough and the money levels are depleting.

He goes to plenty of job interviews, (over golfing) but nobody actually hires him. Another family, full of complications, because of the downfall of the economy.

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