Life's not all Twilight...

January 22, 2010
By Shailja GOLD, Patna, Other
Shailja GOLD, Patna, Other
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Like thousands of other girls, I am just another Twilight freak. I am just another girl who envisions herself in Bella’s shoes, with a man as perfect as Edward. Indeed, a perfect story!
But in spite of that dreamy side of my character, I cannot suppress the part of me which is a hard core realist. Whenever I have those perfect dreams, this realist monster rises up and mocks me. But this monster is right. Life is so not Twilight. I am not Bella. I can never be her, never as selfless, never as strong.
Moreover, there are no Edwards. No, not because he is a vampire, but because no man, no human can be as perfect as he is. Each book starts with problems, goes to the high point of climax and almost without exception, ends with a happily ever after. There are all the loopholes closed, all fears forgotten and absolutely no regrets. All pieces of the puzzle fall in proper places, and what we get is the perfect hero, the perfect heroine and the perfect picture...! How perfect! Perhaps, too perfect to be true.
In this not-so-perfect world, the happiness and the sadness are so closely entwined around us that sometimes we cannot even distinguish between the two. The light blends with the darkness…Wait, just a moment…
I was wrong. We have twilight in real life. This is Twilight, the real Twilight. The perfect moment when the light and the dark blend to create the perfect sky, the perfect earth and …the perfect picture. And there we are the perfect characters with the perfect people. This is our perfect moment, our Twilight. And this moment, when I just had this revelation, is my perfect moment, my Twilight!
Life is certainly not all Twilight. But there are the perfect twilight moments. And that twilight period makes the whole day worth living…!

The author's comments:
When I started with this, I was in a very pessimistic mood. I had no idea that it would turn up into this. In the course of writing, I wrote this line about the light blending with the darkness....and there!...I knew I was wrong. This was Twilight...!

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on Jul. 2 2010 at 8:51 pm
Heathurrlovesyouu SILVER, Morristown, Tennessee
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I love this metaphor. I'm brave enough to admit, I've been a Twilight freak since summer of '08, BEFORE those dumb movies came out. :)


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