Car Accident

January 20, 2010
By lilkprice93 BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
lilkprice93 BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
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Everyday, girls are being stereotyped. There are many stereotypical features such as girls can’t drive, our favorite color is pink, and we are always whining. Which is definitely not true. I, myself can drive really well, my favorite color is green, and I hardly ever whine. Perhaps there have been a few moments in my life where I could be stereotyped.
On one regular, boring day in school, I was sitting in my desk in 3rd hour and realized I had leaked through my jeans, girl problem. Panicking, I immediately asked to go to the bathroom and text messaged my friend, Amber. I didn’t know if I should cry because I didn’t know that to do or go the rest of the day because my pants were black anyway. After Amber text messaged me back, I suggested walking home at lunch. As the good friend she is, she offered to bring me home at lunch time. When I walked into the cafeteria, the smell of pepperonis snuck up my almost stuffy nose. I fast walked to my lunch table and dropped my back pack on the seat. Then, I hurried my way over to the pizza line before the mob of other hungry teenagers barged in.

After eating, Amber and I dodged to her car. She only had ten minutes to get me home and for her to be back by the time the lunch was over. The Michigan weather was getting crazier than ever once I stepped outside. After two minutes of hardcore removal of snow, I jumped into the car full of heat as if I had been outside all day. We didn’t have enough time to put in Amber’s car stereo so we drove off without music. Before we made it out of the school driveway, we could already tell how slippery the roads were going to be. We drove not only a street away and the car started to swerve a bit. I laughed at first because I figured Amber was just messing around. Just before I knew it, I was yelling at Amber to put on her brakes. Amber screamed, “ I am!” Right then, all I could think of dong was to turn my body to my side to look backwards in hopes of the air bag not coming out. The back of the already beaten up brown car came rising towards our front window when we hit it. The moment seemed as if it were going in slow motion. I noticed the rusty light brown car swerved to its side and the person never came out of it. All that went through my head was that we just killed a person! As I stayed frozen to my seat, Amber jolted out of the car to see if the lady was okay. Amber gets back into the our car. “What did she say? Is She okay? Are we going to jail?” I asked immediately to her arrival back to the car. Amber zoned out and didn’t here a word I said. As both cars turned on the left lane and pulled into my apartment driveway, Amber just kept repeating, “ My dad’s going to kill me, What do I do? What do I do? I don’t even have my license on me!” still stuck on what just happened, I kept my mouth closed until we parked.
I finally got out of the car to calm the mid 40’s looking lady down. I looked at the ladies car, who’s name we never got, to see what damaged had happened. The bumper was slightly off and the trunk was curved upwards. The lady wanted to call the cops to confirm that we would give her the insurance information because she supposedly got into a car accident a week before and the people gave her false information. With the I.d situation, leaving school early to go home, and the fact that we forgot to sign out at school, I gently soothed the girl down so she wouldn’t call the cops. Amber’s hand were shaking like crazy when she handed the lady her car insurance information and everything else that was in her hand. Also, one last thing I did was had the lady wait until after school to call the insurance company so Amber wouldn’t get in more trouble then she already is in.
Amber got back into her beat up cavalier and dropped me off at home right around the corner. She headed back to school and drove back over to my place after school. We made food and ate in silence until Amber got up the nerve to call her dad and tell him what happened. Surprisingly, he was more calm then planned. The insurance company called Amber’s cell phone just ten minutes after she talked to her dad and we confirmed that we both were okay. Still sad with the fact that her car was crashed, Amber left my house in her sister’s car and left her black cavalier at my house. Days later, Amber’s dad, Bob, and her brother, Brian came over to pick up the car.

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