I Will Never Forget

January 19, 2010
By baja225 BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
baja225 BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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This summer was the best summer of my life, I did not only learn responsibility, I also have so many memories. Some of them I wish I didn’t see and some of them I would like to relive every day.

I went to snowboard camp in Oregon. The camps name was Windells snowboard camp on Mount Hood. It lasted 8 days, from July 25th to August 3rd. The drive into camp felt like the longest time ever, my eyes were open wider and keen on looking for camp. My stomach suddenly fell and I got light headed as soon as I saw the camp. I was quite excited. Finally after months of waiting I had arrived at Windells. We pulled in and I finally saw what I was waiting and dreaming of for months. Every kid I saw had the same interests as me and were just excited to be there. I finally saw Dex’s demo shed where I can use any snowboard I want. I can use all 2010 model boards that aren’t even in the stores yet. We spotted a parking spot and went over to the office to check in. We checked in and I got my cabin number, Cabin 12. I sprinted to my cabin to meet my cabin counselor. To my amazement my councilor was Molly Aguirre, my favorite professional women snowboarder. The exact councilor I hoped to get. Soon, I set my things down and went to explore. Little did I know I was going to witness something horrific.

The mountain was amazing it was the best mountain I have ever ridden, although what I really came for was the park. We had been in the park for almost two hours. We got hungry so I sat down to eat an amazing lunch that I made half asleep that morning and watch people do the jump. The jump, as we refer to it, is an 85 foot jump that launches you around 40 feet in the air. Mostly the only people that do it are professionals or are really stupid. We all were watching as a skier prepared to do the jump. He took of the jump perfect, in the air he did his trick flawlessly but it was a different story when he landed. He twisted when he landed and hit the ground hard. My heart skipped a beat, there was no movement in his body as he rolled down the mountain. Then he started to have a seizure, it lasted for what felt like a lifetime. I know what we all were thinking that moment “who is that, is he alright, and who is that?”
Soon the paramedics arrived and rushed him to base camp. There he was airlifted out and no one knows who that man was and what happened to him.
But I will never forget that day because it is like an encounter with a ghost, you see it once but you can never forget it. And it always has you thinking, who was he and what happened, that’s the mystery of not knowing. That man was a ghost to me, he came and went in a flash but I’ll never forget it. He was my ghost because I have no knowledge of who he was or what ever happened to him, but I’ll always be wondering.

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this is for a school assingment

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