A Breathless Moment

January 13, 2010
By Anonymous

This is a snapshot of my life that mades me feel dejected and sorrowful. However, at the same time it makes me feel astounded and cheery. It has brought a huge change to my life and a new perspective from a young age. It isn’t just about me, but my whole family, and my understanding of how I view our wonderful and amazing God.

It all began one Saturday evening in my native country, the Congo. My family was gathered in the living room, and my dad was in his office working. Suddenly, an unexpected thing happened that I would never forget.

There was a knock at the door and one of my dad’s guards called my name. As I walked toward the door, my dad opened the window to check who was calling me at that time of night. Unexpectedly, my dad was shot in his belly. The sound of the gunshot resonated in my ears as everyone ran to hide in a different corner of the house. My older brother hid himself in the kitchen while my mom went to the bedroom to figure out what she could do. At the same time I was in the living room tied up with one of our guards.

As a young boy I was stunned. I have not found a word to describe the anguish and the agony of my heart that evening. As I looked down the hallway, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or hearing, I saw my dad lying on the floor, bleeding and talking to the robbers who broke into our house. I remember one of the burglars telling my dad that he was sent to kill him, and my dad told one of them to take the money that was in the house before shooting the last bullet. When the robbers left the house, and my mom and older brother came out.

As the robbers walked out of the house my dad called me and my older brother, saying as we approached that he thought it was time to say goodbye. Before my dad could even say another word, my brother replied; “You are not going to die.” Then we started to sing a song in my native language saying; “Jesus the Savior and my Protector, deliver us from this woe.”

During our prayers, my mom was outside trying to figure out what to do, as she was dizzy. While we were shouting to the Lord, my dad stopped bleeding, but his wounds were still wide open. The amazing thing is that all the bullets had gone through his body. And he was rushed to the hospital where he spent two weeks before returning home.

After all this happened, the bitterness that was in my heart and the anger of nearly losing my dad at a young age was gone because he was saved from the accident. From that moment, I have come to realize that God can do astonishing things. I have learned how to trust him and hold on to my faith steadily. No matter what you may be going through, God is always there to save, to protect and to deliver.

Every time when I feel blue and desolate, I recall all these memories and think how God is marvelous and incredible. I realized that He never forsakes his people. If you shout to Him anytime of day, He will reach down his hands to save.

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