January 12, 2010
By Anonymous

We split up four will go down the middle and try to keep the other team pushed back, meanwhile I sneak around to get the other team caught in crossfire. The game started and I hurried to the woods, thirty seconds into the game and I already have sweat on my face. I watch where I step trying not to make any noise. As I walk through the woods I listen to the paintball guns fire 20 shots a second. I catch myself spectating the fight and hurry to get behind the other team. I need my team to stand strong for five more minutes.
Now it is time for me to make a play. I made it to the back of the woods and my opponents have their backs to me. I look out into the field and see someone running across. I raise my gun, aim and fire. Tango down. I need to keep moving before I get spotted. I speed walk through the woods on my heels, I feel like I am in Vietnam and a Charlie could surprise attack me any second. I no longer hear the sound of paintball guns either my whole team got eliminated or I am so focused on getting my next victim. Twenty yards straight ahead I think I see a person crouched down behind a bush. I’m not sure if I actually see a person or if I am scarred like a little kid in the dark seeing outlines of scary creatures in the distance. I sneak up slowly like a lion about to pounce on its prey. I raise my gun, aim and fire. Tango down.
A voice yells, “Were down to one on one!” Only one more out to go and we win. I keep making my way around the woods now walking slower than ever; I don’t want to give up my position. I come to a tree and decide to hide behind it hoping that I will spot my opponent running by. I hear sticks breaking. 10 o’clock. I look and catch a glimpse of my last opponent hide behind a bunker. I fix my eyes on that bunker waiting for him to peek his head out to try and find me. Five minutes pass and I am still staring at that bunker. I finally hear another sound this time it is a voice, “Max I see you.” I slowly creep farther behind the tree hoping to blend in like a chameleon. I hear the voice again, “Max I can still see you.” I raise my gun, aim and get hit in the elbow.

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