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Lost & Needs to See the Sky

January 12, 2010
By Anonymous

I'm losing a very special friend, and I don't know how to find her. She's lost in the present gratification, lost in the struggling through just one more day, lost in a substance... And she can't seem to target the root of her troubles. I see them. Plainly. But sometimes I must close my eyes. I cannot bear to watch as she falls, her head so near the ground that she is forced to taste the Earth. Because all the love in the world I offer cannot save her from herself. Powerless. She remains on her stomach and can no longer see the sky. I've tried to roll her over. But the beauty there is all gone. She sees only a gray mass, a never-ending journey of pain and suffering where I see opportunities and hope. I love her. I need her. I'm determined -- somehow -- to help. And not to let drugs and the dusty ground trample all that she is.

The author's comments:
For the person who inspires me to write: Hang on. I love you. There is hope.

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