A lost good Friend

January 12, 2010
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I can clearly remember that one horrific day in the middle of my sixth grade year; it was one of the worst times I ever had in my life. When that phone next to my bed rang at exactly eight o’clock right after I got home after a torturing day of soccer practice, and I had just started working on my challenging homework. Now you have to understand that the phone next to my bed only rang if my grandparents were on the other line or if it was a major emergency. Whenever the phone rang in my room, I always expected it to be another exhilarating conversation about all my school sports and how much sports could do for you in your life after collage. So I slowly crept over to the phone and expecting it to be my parents I picked up the phone and said in a very bored voice, “Hey Grandma!” but after a short time of dead silence I realized that it was not my grandma, it was my mom calling from downstairs with someone else on the other line. Now you have to understand that whenever my mom called me from downstairs she was either really mad at me or she had something very important to tell me. But when I finally picked up the phone I realized that it was my teacher from school with my mom on the other line. I said to myself, “Why in the world would my teacher call me?” And then once my teacher started talking I realized it was nothing good either. She started off by saying, “Could I please speak to Carl?” My heart fell to the ground I thought that I had failed a test or something like that, but that wasn’t it either. My mother then replied to that by saying, “Yes he is on the other line Mrs. Bryant.” Then my teacher asked my mom to get off the line, and so she did. Now it was only my teacher, and I. She started to say to me in a very devastated voice, “Carl I have some bad news!” and then I already knew what she was talking about. One of my closest friends named Eid had been in his parents SUV on the street that went right next to the school in the lane opposite from the school, and she was parked there waiting for Eid and his 6 year old sister to get out of the car to cross the road for school. Eid was sitting at the front right passenger seat with his mom as the driver and his sister in the rear right seat. In front of their car there was a parked eighteen-wheeler because there was a construction sight right across the street from the school. Eid had just opened the passenger side door to get out of the car; another car driving at about 60 mph hit the rear of his Toyota Land Cruiser. The impact was so immense that the care that hit Eid’s car pushed their car right up under the eighteen-wheeler. The back right wheels of the eighteen-wheeler split Eids car right down the center. So the half that Eid was sitting on was crammed up under the eighteen-wheeler. The second I hear this news I didn’t know what to do, this was the first time in my life that I had lost someone close to me. I was completely crushed from the inside out, my heart felt like it was broken right in half. As soon as the fire department and the ambulances got there they spent at least thirty minutes trying to get Eid out of the passenger side door, his mom and sister only had minor injuries. Once the fire department finally succeeded in getting Eid out of the totally crushed car they rushed him to the Doha Medical Center witch was about twenty to thirty minutes away. She then said in that same sad voice, “Carl I’m so sorry to have to tell you this but Eid passed away in the ambulance going to the hospital.” Right as those words left Mrs. Bryant's mouth I dropped the phone just like I had been tased. I had never felt like that I my whole life. My mom then came up stairs and saw that something had happened and then automatically asked, “Carl what’s wrong?” and I replied, “Mom Eid is in Heaven with all the angels!” and still to this day I cant remember the song that was playing in the background when I got those horrific news. Eid never woke up that day knowing that he was going to loose his life in a horrible car crash, but he was an amazing friend to have known and that once again told me how much you should live life to the fullest because you never know what might happen.

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