Poverty at Mexico

January 19, 2010
By Davidcueva BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
Davidcueva BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
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As I desperately wait for the red light to turn green I hear a ticking noise through my window. I snap my head around and spot a shabby-looking young woman holding a bawling newborn in her arms. She begs me for money as her growling stomach begs her for food. I extend my hand and give her my last donut. As the light turns green I speed away and begin to wonder—Why. . . ?

As I drive, I pass the elegant mansions with their sublime gates and arrogant 10-foot walls telling me to drive away. I glance over at a lovely young women waiting on her privileged child to jump on the bright yellow school bus that’s always on time. The women smiles as she watches the bus fade away and the child eagerly waits for his day to begin.
Mexico is a place where great opportunities lie and prosperity awaits but I believe Mexico needs to offer more people the chance to act on those opportunities so that they bring sufficient amounts of money into their homes and live a healthy life. There are more people with less than enough to survive on than there are people with more than enough, and I see this as an important, dangerous and fragile issue. In Mexico 10% of the people are wealthy and have 40% of the nation’s wealth. 30% of Mexico’s population is middle class, the rest 60% of the population is living poverty, according to census experts 1 of every 5 Mexicans is living in extreme poverty.
This is a big problem for Mexico because there are a lot of Mexicans suffering from poverty and very few Mexicans who are living a wealthy life. It is important to make sure people are looking out for each other and making sure everybody is living a healthy life. As a Mexican, I believe it is Mexico’s responsibility to make sure people are enjoying their lives and living it in a healthy manner.

Education is an issue in Mexico where only 80% of the children at school finish elementary school and fewer than that finish High school. It is important for children to get educated in school and not any school but schools that have the correct textbooks and good technology to have a good education. Through Education Mexico can strive because it will show people how to make the correct decisions and make their lives successful. With the help of a good education Mexico will produce educated parents that may raise children properly with good moral and attitudes. Education is a main tool that Mexico should focus on so that people may progress and Mexico can become a healthier and safer place to live on.

Labor is also important for Mexico to strive, Companies need to make sure they are creating enough labor for the people, not only that but that they are giving a profitable paycheck to employees. It is really important to make sure our employment rate is up and that they are having an opportunity
With the opportunities available to me as a member of the upper class society, I am motivated by an ambition to build corporations in order to create thousands of jobs for the needy. Then, more mothers can go home to their newborn babies with a smile on their face and a sense of safety regarding their life in Mexico – rather than stand at traffic intersections begging for handouts. I hope you guys can understand me and I will appreciate it if you take this time to think how you can make a change in your society

The author's comments:
My Country identifies myself in many ways I hope I can improve it however I can.

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