mike!!! </3

January 10, 2010
just after i turned 14 a week later i met this guy on myspace! ugh lol well that day me n him were talking all day long on n off...we talked non stop it was crazy lol...well any-ways i thought he lived far but it turned out he lived 1 block away from me...so we met the next day..he asked me out and i new it was not a good idea but me i love taking risks ;) well we went out for 5 almost 6 months he had told me after going out that for a month that he loved me on his way walking me home in the rain yes lol i didnt say anything! i was happy n confused! lol well at the end me and him were suppose to go out that day after school but he bailed on me. </3 :(( well i disided to go anyways to see if he lied to me when he said he went out of town. me and my friend went. and when we got there we found him at the skate park were he usually hangs out sitting there.. he saw me and i ran away and he followed me. :(( i was so sad. but anyways he always new how to make me forgive him like i could never be mad at him for some reason. so i forgave him. but 2 weeks after that we were suppose to hangout but he said he couldnt cuz of his dad and plus he said we arent going out anymore cuz i havent forgivin you. i said fine.. but again i didnt believe him so i went me my mom n my brother they waited in the front on the other side. i went to the door and i said we need to talk. he said no go away im with my gf. i said wtf. last time i checked i was ur gf. i left i came back 2 min later looked n his window and i saw them doing it.. her on top of him...im writing this 1 months after we broke up its jan 10 2010...he says he wants me back but i dont know if i should!! im so confused i really dont know what to do...but like im saying i dont like liers n i dont trust them...iv been threw a lot but its ok...just make sure that if u feel like ur bf/gf cheating or lieing then take a risk n find out urself!!! </3 <3

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kimmycakes said...
Jan. 24, 2010 at 5:12 pm
i know this writing isn't the best its just that when i wrote it i just wrote it not trying to make it rhyme or anything
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