The Shy Kid

January 9, 2010
By Shelby24 BRONZE, Great Falls, Montana
Shelby24 BRONZE, Great Falls, Montana
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You all have seen the shy kid. The kid who has trouble making friends, dreads the first day of school, never raises their hand in class. Some think the shy kid is stuck up or weird, but if they could see the shy kid’s thoughts it would break their heart.

The shy kid walks into every class and tries to sit where they won’t be noticed. If the teacher were to call on them to give an answer or an opinion that means they could get it wrong and then everyone would think they were stupid. So they plot and scheme as to how to avoid the teacher’s eye and the group of outgoing, popular kids that would all talk to each other and make the shy kid feel lonelier. The back of the class is their home away from home. The place where they can hide in plain sight.

Gym class is the worst. Especially games like kick-ball or baseball. Games that require taking turns. Games that force everyone to stare at them, seeing their every mistake and hesitation. Attention is the shy kid’s worst enemy.

But it’s also the thing they crave most. If only someone would talk to them, be patient and understand, then maybe the shy kid could break out of their shell, even if it’s a little at a time. The shy kid watches everyone else laugh and joke with their friends. The other kids date and go to parties. The shy kids want to laugh and joke and date and go to parties.

The shy kid cries a lot, especially at night, after a long day of listening to other kids have fun. Actually enjoying their lives. The shy kid doesn’t sometimes. Sometimes the shy kid wants out. Wants to get far away from where their trapped.

I am the shy kid.

I’m not stuck up or weird. I’m funny and clever and original. But invisible walls in my mind prevent me from reaching out to others. From really enjoying the company of my friends. And one day I will knock down those walls and step out into the sunshine, but until then I need someone to lend me a hand. Pull me away from these dark walls.

Next time you see the shy kid, say hello, invite them somewhere, be patient and let them take their time. Next time you see the shy kid take special time to polish the diamond deep inside them, let them break their walls down, give them time to step out into the sunshine. Next time you see the shy kid, give them hope.

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on Apr. 22 2010 at 4:52 pm
I completely understand! Great article. Can totally relate unfortunately.


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