Oh Why?

January 9, 2010
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All my life I wondered why, why am I different, why do I feel this way, why, why, why. I dreamed that one day there would be an answer but you see in the world no one cares about your dreams or feelings it’s all about them. In my eyes to succeed in life there are rules you have to follow. First you have to choose to not believe in anything that can be your downfall. Don’t try to fall in love it doesn’t exist. Almost everything has a scientific explanation if it doesn’t use your mind. The most important rule of all is to think out of the box.

Also, there are different types of people. The kind that has things handed to them, others have to work for them. That sentence previous of this one has been said before because they are set as the black and white but what about the grey area. The grey areas of people are the people who think outside the box.
Life is like a box there are many ways to look at it you can be in it, outside it, behind it or above it. If you’re in it you’re a “just” person letting every day pass bye and not care. If your behind it you’re an “I don’t care person” who thinks “I can do whatever I like because I want to”. If you’re above it you think the world belongs to you, FYI it doesn’t. If you one of the few outside the box then you think about the most simple and most commonly unasked question, why.

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