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January 8, 2010
By kiersten koenig SILVER, Houston, Texas
kiersten koenig SILVER, Houston, Texas
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It was two years ago. I will absolutely never forget about this period in my life. As much I’d love to forget about it, I know I won’t let myself. The pain that this event has brought me is like a thousand tiny needles all being stuck into my eye at the same time. I was in seventh grade and Brandy was my best friend-no, she was my sister. She was tall, blonde, pretty, and of course smart. We did absolutely everything together. I was always at her house doing homework with her until ten at night. We swore we would always be best friends.
When eighth grade came we were both as excited as a leprechaun with a pot of gold and a rainbow. We got to school and found out what our classes were. “Brandy I’m in your class!” I shouted at her from across the hall. To which she responded with, “YES! Three years in a row baby!” We got to our first class, the room was cold and uninviting, and we noticed that there are two new girls in our class. They looked so scared, like a five year old going to kindergarten for the first time ever. We decided it would be a good idea to go introduce ourselves to them, hoping to make them feel a little more comfortable. Brandy said, “Hi, I’m Brandy, and this is Kiersten. What are your names? ” “Hey, I’m Mandy.” “And I’m Ariana.” At that exact moment, we could all see that we were going to be great friends.
As school went on we all got closer, to the point where we called ourselves the four musketeers. We could tell each other anything. There was absolutely NO secret keeping. Things were going great. Until one day Ariana pointed out to me that Mandy and Brandy were hanging out more and more, and leaving her and I out. She said, “Kiersten, don’t you think it’s a little strange that Mandy and Brandy hang out so much without us?” Now at first I just kind of blew it off. I said to myself, I’m sure it’s nothing. Brandy is my best friend. I was sure that Brandy and I would always be best friends. I found out the hard way, that I was wrong.
Brandy and Mandy started doing everything together. They became so close that they were like two peas and a pod. Brandy began telling Mandy things that she wasn’t telling me, which completely wasn’t normal. I began to feel almost depressed; I felt as if I didn’t have any friends at all, as if I was the only one on the planet who was alone. It wasn’t a good feeling.
Ariana and I got very upset. We felt mad at them for not including us. No, we felt more than mad, we felt infuriated. In fact we felt so infuriated that we thought it would be a good idea to hack Brandy’s MySpace. Ariana came home with one day after school. We decided to get on the computer, and that’s when we got the brilliant idea. Ariana was on her MySpace and said, “Oh my gosh Kiersten we should totally hack Brandy’s MySpace for not including us.” As soon as she said this, I was completely for it. But then as I thought about it some more my mind tried to tell me that it was a bad idea, I don’t know about this Kiersten, I tried to tell myself, If Brandy finds out it was us all hell will break loose. But of course I decided to listen to the little devil on my left shoulder instead of the angel on my right.
I remember lying there on the hard, cold floor. My mind in a million places at once. I knew this was wrong. We opened up her MySpace and went to her status. My heart was pounding. Ariana changed her status to “I’m an over reactor.” We laughed at how true that was. Heart still pounding, we went to change her name. I thought about it for a few minutes and then decided to just change it to a bunch of random letters. I didn’t want to put anything nasty, because somewhere inside me I knew that Brandy was going to find out about this.
That night I started getting text messages from phone numbers that I didn’t recognize. These texts weren’t exactly friendly either. Brandy had found out that I hacked her MySpace. She had gotten her sisters to text me nasty things. Here’s the best part though, Ariana is the one who told them that it was me, ARIANA! At this point I was so enraged that she had told them that I couldn’t even think straight! For the rest of the night we texted back and forth. I remember sitting in my room all by my self, waiting for the next message they would send. Waiting for the sting that would come with their words. It wasn’t long before I could feel the water in my eyes spill over just like a pool after a big rainstorm.
This continued on for almost three days. Each day filled with more tears and more pain. By the third day I felt numb, like all the pain had just numbed my entire body. I had just lost my best friend, my sister. The little devil on my left shoulder popped up again. “Your alone Kiersten, you did this to yourself, you made everyone mad at you.” I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs to the entire world. He was right, and I knew it.
The next day when I got to school, the cold, bland, uninviting school, I felt like I should’ve been wearing a mask to hide my face from the world, no, to hide my shame from the world. I walked past Ariana with fear on my breath, and to my surprise she said hi to me. I asked her, “Aren’t you mad at me or something?” She lied to my face, “What?! No way Kiersten, I’m neutral! ” I was confused like no other. I could have sworn that she was mad at me just last night. I guess not, because now were friends, just like we had been before all the fighting.
I still don’t quite understand what happened that weekend. And I still don’t think that it’s sunken in completely. But I know now that some people just don’t get along. And sometimes it’s your fault that you don’t get along. But life went on. I came to realize that I really do have friends other than “The Four Musketeers”. Brandy and I didn’t talk for a long time. And every time I passed her in the hallway I would get a little nervous. Like she was about to chew me out or something. But as time progressed we would speak little by little. I think I got a lot out of this experience. I most definitely learned my lesson about doing things behind your friends back. The guilt I felt for doing such a thing to Brandy is endless. I would not be surprised if she never forgave me. As for Ariana, yes, we’re friends again, but I still am just absolutely shocked by what she did to me. And just for future reference, I’ll never talk badly about somebody to another person behind his or her backs, because they WILL find out. I also learned that no matter what somebody says, it’s not always the right thing to do. Hacking Brandy’s MySpace wasn’t going to make her want to be my friend again, and I knew that from the get-go.

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