Forever Young

January 15, 2010
By Victoria Lorch BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
Victoria Lorch BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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"In the pajamas, under the covers, bed time here I come!”

“Jordan, why are you so ready to go to bed already? It’s a weekend night.” My mom said this like a dummy while I sang my bedtime song.

“Duh mom, I’m going to Build-A-Bear tomorrow. I want to go to bed so I can wake up sooner.” She never knows what’s going on. Seriously, I’m going to Build-A-Bear tomorrow with my favorite person in the whole wide world! That’s a big deal! Maybe she’s jealous, oh well; I’m used to her being silly.

“Bed time here I am!”

“Build-A-Bear is closed all week for reconstruction, the reopening day is undetermined,” I heard the mean man on CNN say this when I woke up the next morning.

“WHAT?!? My life is OVER as I know it! No! No!” I was rolling around in bed when I woke up, it took several minutes to realize I just had the most horrible nightmare and I was still going to be able to have my great adventure.

“Up and down, round and round, that’s how we brush our teeth!” I got ready that day faster than I ever had! I already laid my clothes out the night before, so they were ready to go when I woke up. Hair went up in a pony, teeth were brushed, clothes were on, and I was out the door in five minutes flat. “New record! Build-A-Bear workshop here we come!”

The ride there felt like a million years. I mean the car just wouldn’t go fast enough. But when we finally got there it was like a fairytale! It was yellow and red and there were even bears on the outside! Mom always told me Disney World is the happiest place on Earth, but I knew at that moment she was wrong and Build-A-Bear really was. I was so happy to walk in the place where dreams come true.

“Look, look! They have other animals besides bears! Can we get a puppy? Please! Please. And dress him really nice!” I screamed this into the ear of my pal.

“Jordan , you have to calm down, they are just animals, and right now we’re just looking, I said we were just coming for a stuffed animal, we will have to see about the clothes.”

I grabbed his hand and began to swing it back and forth, and I jumped to kiss him on the cheek. “He will never buy me anything if he has this sour-puss attitude” I thought to myself as I looked around at all the amazing toys.

Still swinging his hand we made our way to where we pick out the animal. The most important part of the whole thing if you ask me.

“Ok, which one do you want?” I asked him nicely, even though I already knew which one we would be getting.

“Well I like the owl, what do you think?” He always tried to make his favorite girl happy.

“How about the puppy. Once I began to reply I couldn’t make myself stop. And let’s get two hearts and I heard you get to make a wish what will you wish for I think I’ll wish for… never mind I can’t tell you then it won’t come true but it has to be a good wish don’t forget because it’s going to be in the puppy forever so make sure you make it good.”

“Right.” This is his, “Jordan I have no idea what to say to you” response.

I skipped over to the lady at the stuffing machine with him trailing behind. She was kind of silly. She was a grown up but she works at Build-A-Bear. She must really really like stuffed animals. She took us through all the steps of building our puppy dog. Stuffing it, hugging it, kissing the heart, making a wish, and even picking out a name ( I don’t even want to go into how long that took.) After we got done building the puppy I gave it a kiss and it smelled like him. That just made me like it even more.

“So are you going to let us get clothes for the puppy?” I asked this question with just the slightest pout in my eyes. The perfect recipe for whatever I want. Every time.

“I said we’ll see earlier Jordan. Have you ever had a we’ll see turn into a no? As he said this I jumped up and gave my boyfriend a kiss. He was right, I never have.

“I swear Jordan, you act more like a five year old than any teenager I’ve ever met.” Nick made this statement like it was the first time I’ve ever heard it.

“It’s the truth. I am a five year old at heart. But what is wrong with that? Have you thought about anything negative today?” It was the first time that day I had said anything serious.

“No..” Nick replied confused, wondering what I was getting at.

“Do you know why that is? We had fun today. Fun only kids can have. Fun where you don’t worry about what’s coming next. Just fun.” We strolled out of the majestic store with linked arms and a slight skip to our step. Nick never has liked to be proven wrong so when I made the point all he could say was “I see.” And he just will.

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