Pop Rocks

January 14, 2010
By Andy Fox SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Andy Fox SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Pop Rocks are my favorite candy. The idea of having a food seem like its exploding in your mouth is great. But I recently purchased a bag of Pop Rocks and when I opened it there was nothing inside. I wish for this not to happen in the future. The goal of your business is quality and that’s not quality.
MY friend and I are currently hooked on Monster Energy drink and Pop Rocks. For the past few weeks after school on Fridays we have been going to stores that carry Pop Rocks and purchasing them along with a Monster. One of these days however we purchased some from a local wal-mart and inside one of the packages there was nothing. On your website you specifically speak about how you want to give a quality, innovative product to consumers. I find it very hard for this to be the case when I don’t even receive the product. I don’t necessarily need another bag of Pop Rocks (but it wouldn’t hurt anything) I just would really like you to pay closer attention to the quality of your products so this doesn’t happen again.
As a great company that puts out, for the most part, a great product, costumers should be able to experience your product. I will keep buying your delicious, popping candy until my stomach explodes from to much Monster and Pop Rocks. I know what happened to me is rare but it’s not what a business of your kind should have happen.

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