Why Me God, Why Me?

January 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Why not anyone Else?

The school year was ending; the summer was getting ready to begin…and also my father got cancer. We usually go to Lebanon every year for summer. I thought going to Lebanon was the best. This year I figured we weren’t going to have much fun because of my dad. Before going to Lebanon that year, everyone was excited because our house, which had been over construction for over six years, was finally completed for us to see. I could not wait to see how the house is going to turn out! The house was not just a house; it was my father’s dream. He worked all of his life for this moment. My father loved his house so much. It was his sanctuary. He wanted the perfect house for all of us to live in. I could not stop but thinking about how the inside looks, how my room looks, how the theater room looks, how the pool looks, how the tennis court looks, and also how the outside verandas’ look. This house also meant a lot to me. Since I am going to be living in this house, I would love to also see what everything looks like. Also, since my dad had wanted everything how it was, I had to see how he designed it.
“We’re here!” I exclaimed. We arrived in Lebanon, awaiting our approach to our house. As soon as we arrived, we pulled up to our gate, and as I gazed upon the house I was struck by its beauty. The palm trees swayed like the ocean’s waves, the soil was fresh and brown, and the lavender’s clean smell and quality, and the house’s structure all astonished me. I stared at my father’s righteous smile; a tear came crashing down from his eye, another tear after another. I started crying as well. I cried for my father, because in the sad condition he was in, he was looking at what he contributed his life to. Tears of joy they were. After the initial days in Lebanon, I started to go to Las Salinas. Las Salinas is a resort on the beach. I liked to think of this place as the best creation man has ever built. This place looked like a serene and beautiful resting place. The waters were crisp and blue. The sun shined and faded when risen and drifted away towards the end. Whenever we go to Lebanon, we would normally stay at a resort called Las Salinas, but that year, we obviously stayed at our newly completed house. The thought of sleeping at the house did not really please me, because when I would sleep at Las Salinas, I would be able to have stayed up late with my friends. The feeling of staying around my dad was very weird. It was not the same feeling. We could not really communicate and understand each other. I really felt bad, because I could not really do much with my dad, or do anything about his situation. So the usual routine would be wake up, get dressed, and go to Las Salinas, but not on the morning of June 29, 2008.
I woke up, got out of bed, took a shower, got dressed, and made my way down for the car. I said to myself yes! I can’t wait until I get to Las Salinas, because Robert from New York was coming. Man we’re going to have the best day ever! As I was going down the stairs, there was only one thing that stopped me, my mother. I looked at her, completely wearing black. I fell to the cold, hard marble floor, weeping a long weep. I had obviously known what this had meant. My father died. I never wanted to re – imagine my mother and her apparel that morning. I went blank and thought nothing. I screamed out, “ Why God, why me, why!!!!!” My mother tried and tirelessly tried to comfort me and cried along. At this point, I had felt that my life had been at the lowest point. I felt as if both my parents have abandoned me and I was left alone in a world with no one. I have been affected spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I had been emotionally set down. I cried almost everyday the rest of the summer. I had felt that God had done something to me as a punishment. I barely could think of what had just happened. All that was going through my head was that I should have spent time with my father. I concluded that I was not spending enough time with my dad.
This event has made me become into a man and learn that I am the man of the family now, and I have to look over my mother and take on several responsibilities that my father used to carry. I have to make sure nothing happens to my mother, represent my father at dinners and functions, and take on his fortune. It also motivates me to become like my father the best Professional Petroleum Engineer and take over his company he started by himself. R.I.P Edmond Dib Chammas.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this is that I had such a strong connection with my father, whom which i really loved. I wanted to express my thoughts based upon his death and how i felt about it and explain one of his biggest accomplishments in life.

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