Advocacy Letter

January 7, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear Mom and Dad,

You have taught me to be respectful, determined, generous, and most of all—responsible. I have shown these traits by attending classes, flipping in the gym, and working at Midwest Twisters. I am growing up and earning freedom. You are my parents, and you are looking out for my best interest by giving me an early curfew. I wish you would take the time to see my point of view on why I should have a later curfew or none at all.

College is approaching fast and responsibility is necessary. I won’t have anybody telling me when to be home. I have shown I’m responsible and should be able to experience this now. I need to learn how to handle this freedom. The opportunity to learn that now would be great. Another issue is “nothing good happens after midnight.” I hear this over and over again. To be honest, bad things happen all the time. If kids are going to get in trouble, they can and will at any time. Those who drink or smoke, tend to start before midnight. If I were to participate in those activities, I could with an early curfew, but from experience, you know I choose not to. Also, I would like to bring up the late night driving issue. According to, car accidents happen every 14 seconds. This means that at any time in the day I could potentially be in a car accident. Whether it is at 11:30 p.m. or 1:00 a.m. But because I am a defensive driver, I have a clean driving record. Lastly, a text or a phone call will tell you exactly where I am and when I will be home. If my plans change throughout the night I will keep you updated.

I appreciate you looking out for you but I am growing up. I am almost an adult. I can handle a later curfew. I want to prove it to you. I remember the day I got a midnight curfew. You were nervous. Scared. Sad. But look, I’m okay. Now I want to remember the day my curfew was dropped or extended. You will be nervous. Scared. Sad. But I’ll be okay. Because I am—responsible.

Thank you for your love and support. I am who I am because of you two. You have raised me well. I love you both. Hopefully, we can talk about this soon.

The author's comments:
My class was required to write an advocacy letter. I chose to write to my parents asking for a later curfew and it worked. My curfew was an hour later because of this letter.

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