Who is my father?

December 29, 2009
By Anonymous

At six years sitting on top of my old bunk bed with my best friend I told her that the father i had was not the real father that produced me.

Four years later sitting outside in the dirt at Ten years i told my best friend once again that he couldn't be my real dad. I promised when i turned 18 i would get DNA testing on him and i. While i told my friend my worry of finding out that i had lost my dad i felt the truth way deep down. I knew some how that i had a dad out there. One of which that don't care to come around and see me.

Two months later my mother and I was sitting in the living room and she told me she needed to talk to me. She has told me that so many times for other subjects, but this one i knew had to do with my father. I turned and looked her deep in the eye 'Yes i believe i understand why. It's my father, mamma. Your huspand is not my daddy.' The shock in her eyes was clear that I was right and the conversation was leading to this. Just not so soon.

'Your father lives in texas. Not too far from here. I see you already know?' was all my mother could say. I feel sorry now for just spilling what i thought, but i was right and she knew it was only a matter of time i would find out for myself.

After a long weird time of just looking in eachothers eyes she finaly told me all about my father. I found that my father left us when i was three years and has not seen me since. He has not came to look for me.

That night i layed in bed feeling alone and lost. How could someone so close to me leave me and not come back.

For three years i was wondering if he was still around. If i would possibly run into him at Wall-Mart
or a eating place. Every man i walked by the thought ran through my mind 'Could that be him?'

I finally found my father's number and built up the strength of calling someone who might as well not be real. Someone that could put me down in a matter of two seconds of a phone call.

The Phone rang three times 'Hello?' came a husky yet young sounding voice over the phone. 'Yes ummm, this is your daughter.'

A long pause over the phone was a year long wait for me. 'Heaven? Could it be you? Oh, darling.' Tears sprung to my eyes when the father i never knew spoke my name in the voice of a lost loved one. 'Daddy? Where have you been? Why have you not come? Can i see you? Do i look like you?' Was what my voice carried out of my mouth. 'Baby girl, we will meet. As soon as you want. I promise. I have been waiting for you. I was young and stupid and i knew you where better of without me. I will take care of you now.'

I cried and he cried. We made plans to see each other and we met. His tall stature explained why i was so tall for my young age. His long face was a mirror image of my own. I knew there was no way he could not be the father of me.

Now 2 years has passed since the last i have seen him. Yet i know he is there and just waiting for my simple call. I know the answers to all i have worried about the long years i was waiting on calling him.

Time has past and yet i know the love of father will forever be with me.

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