January 12, 2010

Pranks are supposed to be funny, and they are supposed to show the person’s true personality. When someone gets pranked emotions flood out of him or her as if it was a raging river. This is when you can see their true personality. Some people do not take pranks very well so you have to choose the right person. They are supposed to bond friends together by showing them you can do funny things to each other without getting mad at each other. It is a great way to get back at someone or to annoy your siblings. By doing a practical joke you can bring out the genuine personality in an individual.
I became obsessed with pranks at the age of seven. To me, pranks are a part of life. They can show life lessons about what not to do and how far you can push a preson. The first prank I ever pulled was on my best friend, and it was the old hand-in-warm-water prank. He woke up the next morning and had peed the bed. It was so funny because he was very mad at himself at first. Then he realized I had done it, and he became very mad. He was crying and said, “Oh my God what the heck did you do, I peed the bed. I thought you poured water on me. Then I smelled asparagus that we ate last night, and I realized that I peed. What did you do, Robert?”
“I didn’t do anything, Jacob, I woke up when I heard you start crying. Don’t worry about the pee, dude; I am not going to tell anyone I promise. It happens to everyone.” Thing was that Jacob had bunk beds, and he was on the top bunk. After he peed, I was under him and it was all over me and I didn’t know yet. I sat up, and I am wet all over my shoulder. Then it dawned on me that it had leaked through the bed, and dripped all over me. Was so mad at myself and at him, but I knew I couldn’t be mad at him because I had done the prank on him.
Pranks can turn out in four ways, gone wrong, good, hilarious, and funniest thing you have ever seen. I have only had one prank that has been put in the funniest-thing-I-had-ever-seen pile. It was a cold gloomy night when I was walking up the stairs to my sister’s room. On every step I took, the brow, shiny wooden stairs, would creak and make a heap of noise. I opened her door, and it creaked as if it had been rusting for years. I was so nervous because this was the first time I had ever tried this prank, and I wanted it go to well. I crept toward her bed like a lion going in for the kill. I put the chair over her head without it hitting her. So far so good, I got my air horn ready and I pushed down the button.”BBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP,” then a “CRASH, ROOBIEEEE!!” After that I knew I was going to be in a world of hurt. I ran out of her room as if I were running for my life (except I actually was running for my life). After I ran down the stairs, I heard her coming down right after me. I ran outside because I knew she would never come outside until she put makeup on and got out of her pajamas. But this time she ran after me. I never thought she would do that, so I kept running until finally half way down our block she gave up. I was relieved because I was getting tired of running, and she was catching up. So I waited outside until she let off some steam. Then I walked in the door and she was sitting on the couch starring at me. That was by far one of the funniest pranks I have ever pulled.
One thing you need to know that if you prank someone you need to know that they have the right to get you back. I know that, but who wants to get pranked back after someone got him or her. I think it is only fair if they get a chance to get you back. The thing is though; you can try to stop them if they try to prank them. After I got my sister she tried to get me back, while I was asleep. I heard her coming so I quickly turned off my lights, and I pretended I was asleep. She walked in, and I heard what sounded to be water but, in fact, was 56 raw eggs and a bunch of flour. I heard her count to herself, “One, two, three.”
I jumped out and yelled, “Boo.” She jumped backwards and tripped on my pillow and the eggs fell all over her! I saw the flour sitting next to my bed and I poured the whole thing all over her. I was laughing so hard that I almost peed my pants. She tried to get me, but she couldn’t. She stomped out of my room whispering something to herself.
Pranks are part of my life and they will be forever. They have shown me how to have a good time if you are bored or you just want to have a laugh. People all around the world do pranks even if they are done a different way because someone can still get a kick out of them. They can keep going until someone gives up like my sister did after she had a failed attempt while trying to get me back. Pranks can show the true personality of an individual.

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