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January 12, 2010
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A familiar stranger crosses the bridge from boys to girls camp, dressed with a wide smile and oversized white sunglasses. The girl starts into a sprint once off the cross bridge to my side of camp. Still unrecognizable, I manage to make out a few obvious features. Her brown hair with red and blond highlights, her pearly white teeth and her walk, like a skip.

Behind the perky young girl, tagged along the figure of a boy. The same basic brown hair the girl contains but minus the highlights, and a black Houston flat top hat. A smirk planted on his face and blue eyes like a sea that are complimentary to the navy blue Abercrombie shirt.

They come closer, and before I knew it my best friends Breanna and Charles charge towards me in an attack. My mouth drops in amazement. This must be the surprise my mother has been emailing me and giving me hints about. All I want to do is screech with happiness, but before I get the chance Breanna leaps onto me like a young child does with their father after he has come home form a long business trip. While Breanna is hanging on to me I get to see Charles waddling behind, with his pants at their sag, as usual.
I focus my attention back on Breanna. “How… why… when… yall… I cant believe you’re here,” I managed to stutter still in the shock of them coming all the way from California, just to pick me up from camp. Breanna jumps off me, but hops back on to tackle me into another hug, when Charles finally reaches us.
We all untangled our selves from our big group hug. I glared at Charles, on a more serious note and instantly he understood my mental message. “I’ll never wear a belt, you can’t make me.” He said this to me in a playful, but smart-alecky voice, as he yanked up his pants that were well past his knees. Overjoyed, I give Charles yet another hug, as he gives me a kiss on the forehead and whispers, “I missed you princess.”

One glance and the excitement seizes continue. My parents come in sight, and I shoved Breanna and Charles out of the way to wrap my arms around my parents for the first time in three weeks. Three weeks seem too short in a camp life, but it feels like years when you realize you haven’t seen your friends and family for a while.

My mom and dad recognize my still puzzled look, and responded to me with a saying I’ve heard my whole life. “When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Friendships are for a lifetime, and when great friends come along, like Breanna and Charles, you don’t let them go.”

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Miss Jane said...
Jan. 16, 2010 at 3:50 pm
I especially like the way this author developed the character Charles...funny and easy to imagine what he looked like.
Good work!
Abz57 said...
Jan. 16, 2010 at 2:18 pm
Very well written. In my mind's eye I cans see each figure and feel the emotion. Seems like the work of an expierenced author.
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