January 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Wow, who could have ever forgot a moment like that? Have you ever had a family member about to die and you could not do anything about it? When you think of a grandpa usually you think of a person who you can always have fun with and that loves you no matter what. My grandpa is this and plus many other thinks for example he buys me anything I want and does what ever it takes to make me happy. Then I could not even look at my grandpa without breaking down into tears. He had a kidney failure he has never been the same. This became very hard for me to understand. The one night my dad came to my room and said, “Ben your grandpa is dying and there not another kidney that matches his.” After this I ran to my room and cried so hard that my bed turned into a waterbed. In this time, I started praying to God,” Why me God do not let my grandpa die if there is a lesson you what me to learn please teach it to me. A week later a man was killed and his kidney matched my grandpa’s. Now after surgery my grandpa is living a normal life but twice a day he has to take a hand full of pills to keep his kidney fully functioning. This moment scarred me for the rest of my life and now it his hard to look at my grandpa without thinking about it. I love my grandpa dearly and cherish every moment I have with him.

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