The End

December 15, 2009
By Empress BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
Empress BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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The End

There are so many different endings a story can have. Some stories have a fairy tale ending, some end in disaster, and some can make no sense and leave you completely confused. The point is, no matter what your story is, there will always be an ending and there is a fifty-fifty chance it will not end how you want it to. The key is to remember that now you have a chance to start over, a chance to create a new beginning.

Sunday, November 28 was the day my four year relationship came to an end. After years of fighting to be together, the fight was over. Our relationship started when we were too young to really understand what it truly meant. We didn’t realize the hardships we would go through or the obstacles we would face. We were two naïve young adults who were excited to be together, who thought we knew it all. But what we didn’t know was that our story would come to a screeching halt.

It all felt too good to be true. It was a fairy tale beginning, and he treated me like a princess. We became inseparable. Talking on the phone all night when I knew I would have only three hours of sleep before school. Going out every weekend and even being together during week days. People said it was too much. They said we would get tired of each other. But we denied it. I was blinded by his touch, by his sweet kisses, blinded by just the thought of him. But most of all, I was blinded by his love.

In all fairy tales there is always something that goes wrong. It is always something that stops you in your tracks, which keeps you from having that happy ending. In Snow White there was a wicked witch and a poison apple. In Sleeping Beauty there was a spell. For us it was simply time. Our bright and exciting moments went dark and restless, and soon our pages went thin and the story was over. The end was not happy, nor was it a disaster. It was a mutual agreement that we knew would work out for the best. It was a chance to start a friendship, a chance to reconnect. It was a chance to start a new beginning.

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