Why Me? : Verbal Abuse and Lies from Her Mouth

December 14, 2009
By Anonymous

I can remeber her looking into my eyes, filled with worry and sadness.

" No,she called YOU that. She is the one who called you a lesbian." Cici told me.

"Why?", I cried in my thoughs. "Why me?"

My cheeks were hot with anger, tears filling in my eyes, but I held back.

I turned to face the red head in the table across the dining hall, holding her boy friends hand and smiling like she was the most innocent girl in the world.

If only he knew she said that. If only he knew she was a monster... I thought to myself.

According to Cici, it all was said after soccer practice one cloudy and rainy Friday afternoon. She had come in looking for my other friend Izzy ( as we call her) in the dining hall. Of course, she was there with all of her little giggling friends talking to Maddie before her basketball practice started in the school gym (where i was getting my shoes on).

The minute Cici had walked in, she turned her back to her. Cici went and sat by herself at another table and began texting.

" Is it true?" Naddie said rather loudly. Cici looked up from her phone.

She turned her voice down low thinkign that Cici wouldn't hear.
" Yeah. She is. ( Insert my name here) is a lesbian."

Thats the story I heard pouring out of Cici's mouth.

" She would say something like that." I told her. " She is the one to say something like that."

Inside, I felt like lashing out and killing her. How could she?! This was a LIE. She was telling this to new students and to EVERY boy in our grade. In my mind, I was wondering if this would keep me from having a boy friend or even a date to the prom in the future. My heart ached.

Make it stop. Please. Tell me it was your imagination. Please.

" Don't cry!" Cici said as she grabbed my arm. Britt hugged me and I stopped myself. I turned and glared at her.


It didn't stop there.

At basketball that afternoon, some of the other girls started treating me a bit differently. I remember talking to a junior friend of mine, Sal, and watching the other girls whisper and nod thier heads in agreement.


Even in the locker room things weren't the same.

Those same girls would change so rapidly and leave that I would be left dumbfounded and alone as they glared and giggled to themselves as they left.

It really hurts now.
The boys looked at me oddly. The only three boys who knew the truth were Ed, Stephan, and George (Izzy's BF).

"Is that a legitamate statement?" Stephan asked me during lunch.

" No! Of course not! I had crushes on three boys from K-sixth. Britt knows."

Stephan looked at me sadly and patted my shoulder.

I stood up and dragged my friends to the counseler. She brought her in and we talked, argued, and cried. I missed my French class over this, but I needed it to be settled.

She didn't give me a proper apology and she was forced to say it wasn't true to the new comers but it just wasn't a fair enough punishment.

But, what can I do about it?

I'll prove it wrong and show the freshman grade that she is a liar.

But until then, I'm going to stand strong and keep my head up high.

Because someone like her can't stop a basketball player.

The author's comments:
I did not put the actual names of the participants in this story (Except for Izzy). This was done for protection.

This happened to me and I never thought it would. I know how it feels now, and i bet she has been spreading this rumor for years under my nose. Even so, this case has not been resolved yet.

It happens to many girls in the US and around the world. Most end up killing themselves. If you are at the point of this, I urge you to talk to a teacher or friend. If not, call a suicide hotline. We don't want to lose another life to someone else's ignorance.

Be Aware.
Stop it all.
Keep it from happening to someone else.

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