Am I infatuated or am I in love?

December 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Wow. He's got the most gorgeous looking eyes. They're light brown and the perfect circle. And he's so cute with his glasses that remind me of Harry Potter. How did I fall for him? He's such a dork, but he's so...perfect.

He's about six feet tall, in shape and super smart. Although he's a complete nerd, he's still cool and has a bunch of friends. Everyone loves him, including girls. He's a flirt and has had a couple of girlfriends already. And he's 14. He even dated one of the prettiest girls in school.

I have three classes with him. In one, I just have the pleasure of staring. Sometimes I catch him looking my way, but I don't think it's at me, and only me. In one class, I talk to him at the beginning, but other girls steal his attention. I get jealous, but I know I have him all to myself in just two hours.

During third period, I always hope that he'll be in my group. I always hope he'll talk to me as he comes into class. And most of the time, I get my wish. I make sure that I sit across from him in our groups so that I can look up and see him. I know that it is evident that I'm flirting, but who cares?

I tell him how bad he is at grammar, and he teases. And I tell him that he needs to learn how to spell, and he just laughs. Whenever I get close to him, or our hands brush, I play it cool, but inside I go crazy.

It always seems that when I talk to him, I can't keep a straight face. I'm always smiling, and I just have to stop it. But I just love looking into his eyes. Even when my foot touches his, I get chills.

I try to learn as many thinks about him as possible. You don't drink soda? You can play guitar? You're into Queen, like me?

And I love seeing him in his guitar shirt. And his Queen shirt. It means we have things in common, and I love that.

I just wish he could read my thoughts. Then he could see that this may be my first love. I've never had a boyfriend, or hardly had a guy friend. But all I want is his attention.

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on Jan. 21 2011 at 7:09 pm
kitkat95 SILVER, Lake Worth, Florida
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yes i agree the title is so cute and it made me want to read it 

on Jan. 10 2010 at 1:57 pm
loveibanez BRONZE, Maumee, Ohio
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Love it, I am a similar situation, this is something I found on this website that kinda goes along with this, haha, it's a letter and you might like it too-- it's called Dear You, Love Liar.... I really liked this piece because it was really cute and simple... you could definatly turn this into something more, good work!


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