I Never Knew

December 30, 2009
The stuff I know now will never be the things I knew yesterday or the year before that. When I was 8 years old my mom said she had to "work" so she dropped me off at her friends house. How i despised that lady.Icalled my mom that day to ask her when i was going home she said I will have to spend the night at that ladies house then the next day i asked her and the nexxt day. Soon enough i was their 2 weeks. The lady will take me to school and back. One day I got in a fight with her 13 year old daughter so i wanted to go home like any other kid will want to. The lady told me to tell my mom to get her some chips and soda for the kids. So i told my mom over the phone but after i told her that i told her i wanted to go home that i missed sleeping by myself in my own bed and not have to sleep with her daughter and so my mom said she would pick me up. I told the lady that my mom was picking me up she asked me why and i told her that because i wanted to. So she had the nerve to call my mom and tell her that it was nothing that it was the fight i had with her daughter. My god was that lady physcho. She wouldn'[t let me talk to my mom anymore. So my mom stopped "working" and actually took me home after a month. Like i said what you know now its not what you knew before. I figured out working was actually selling drugs and doing them. Urgg how i hate my mom now for what she put me through to do drugs.

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